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Are you hosting an upcoming bachelorette party? Or maybe you’re about to celebrate the big 5-0. Whatever the occasion, you’re probably searching for some fresh and exciting party ideas. From champagne towers to balloon arches– party decoration ideas quickly become centerpieces of your celebration. For that reason, it’s important to put plenty of thought and care into your decorations. Ready to get started? Check out our top party decoration ideas below.

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How To Decorate For A Party

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a retirement party, or anything in between– decorations are essential. But the right decorations are different for every party. So how do you pick the right decor? First, make sure to plan ahead. Then, make a list of need-to-haves and want-to-haves, and decide what works best for your party. Finally, the most important things to keep in mind when decorating for a party are as follows:


  • Theme
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Occasion
  • Guest Age

Party Decoration Ideas For Adults

Between party supplies, celebration ready home decor, and personalized party decorations, the following ideas are perfect for any adult. Pick your favorite ideas from those below or use them to inspire a theme all your own.

1. Elegant Decor

Top 24 Party Decoration Ideas for Any Celebration | Shutterfly (5)

Elevate your party decor with simple additions of elegant decorations. Classics include simple floral arrangements, candles, and gold or silver color schemes. A combination of an appropriate venue, attention to detail, and elegant decor will help you turn your party into an event to remember.

2. Barware

Step up your party game with custom barware including personalized wine glasses and shot glasses. Display them at the open bar for guests to use throughout the party, or send them home as a party favor. These ideas work especially well for wine tasting parties.

3. Lighting

Between string lights, lanterns, and custom candles, there’s plenty of lighting options for your party. Choosing the best lighting for your party depends on the time of day or night, the space in which the party is being held, and your overall decoration scheme. For example, string lights work great for a dinner party, while tiki torches would work best at a tropical pool party.

4. Signage

Signage includes everything from handmade wooden sign posts to themed posters. These signs are great ways to help explain rules, directions, and more to guests. Additionally, they also provide opportunity to carry on the party’s theme.

5.Black and White Decor

Looking for simple and classic decorations? Choosing a black and white color scheme is a common go-to for many adults only celebrations. From black and white balloons to black table runners and white flowers, there’s no end to the decoration possibilities. Just make sure to include “black or white attire requested” on the invitations.

Table Decoration Ideas For Parties

Tables aren’t just great places to keep the party food, desserts, and gifts; they’re also another opportunity to highlight your party theme. Step up your table decorations with the tips and ideas below.

6.Dessert Table

Top 24 Party Decoration Ideas for Any Celebration | Shutterfly (6)

Featuring a dessert table at your party won’t just keep the guests happy and on a sugar high– it’s also an important part of your party’s decorations. Whether it’s the cake table at a Quinceañera or assorted donuts and cake pops at a baby shower, you’ll want the dessert decorations to fit your party’s theme. Through colored icing, presentation, or cute signs, there’s plenty of ways to make your dessert table pop.

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7. Rose Gold Party Decorations

For a party with a rose gold color scheme, make sure to give plenty of attention to the table decorations. Table clothes should be white, light pink, or rose gold. Include gold and rose gold plating, vases, or platters. Consider gold table runners, pink cupcakes, and golden balloons to help make your party table pop.

8.Glow In The Dark Party Decorations

Glow in the dark and neon parties make for fun events for all ages. Make yours stand out with a tablescape that will get guests excited. Fill the table with glow sticks, glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, and any other accessories you want. For another fun idea, purchase a disposable black tablecloth and provide a pile of highlighters for guests to write glow in the dark messages.

9. Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are a staple party decoration. But it’s important to keep in mind the different meanings of certain flowers when picking them out. You don’t want to offend or confuse any guests with flowers intended for mourning at a happy occasion. Additionally, do your best to plan for complementary or nicely contrasting colors.

10. Gift Table

Gift tables are common for many parties, including birthdays and baby showers. But by setting up your gift table with care, you can help it visually stand out. For example, by including a fun and thematic sign at the entrance to a birthday party your guests will know exactly where to place the birthday gifts. And by adding birthday balloons, streamers, and confetti, the table adds to the overall decor.

11. Plating

Plating can help take your table decorations to the next level. Whether it’s the way you arrange your appetizers, desserts, or even in the styling and decorating of the food itself – it can make a huge difference. Additionally, consider creating custom plates to match your theme.

Backyard Party Decorating Ideas

If you party will be hosted outdoors, it’s important to find some backyard-specific decorations. From outdoor seating, to lighting, to the little details, it’s important to make sure your outdoor space works with your theme. The following ideas do just that.

12. Tea Party Decoration Ideas

Throwing a party? Focus on a decor mix of floral elements and tea sets. Pastels, lace, and gold accents all make great additions for this decor scheme. Set tables with full place settings and teacups, and arrange an hors d’oeuvres table nearby the dining space.

13. Boho Style

Top 24 Party Decoration Ideas for Any Celebration | Shutterfly (7)

Boho decor means decorating with plenty of style, cultural influences, and other interesting things. For example, you may want to use lanterns and string lights for outdoor lighting, a low party or dining table with pillow and cushion seating, and plenty of floral accents.

14. Vintage Decor

This party design scheme focuses on vintage accents and repurposed decorations. Look for old fashioned serving trays, cake stands, champagne chillers, tea cups, and other decorative knick-knacks. But don’t over decorate. Do your best to keep the party space looking uncluttered.

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15. Seasonal Colors

Decorate your party with the colors of the season. For an autumn celebration, think browns, olive and forest green, and orange. For spring, pastels and lighter colors are more appropriate. Seasonal colors can be shown through the flower arrangements, table clothes, streamers, balloons, and more.

16. Ranch Style Party

Ranch style parties make great summer and autumn themes. Customize your decor with mason jars, flowers, wooden accents, and rustic elements like horseshoes and barrels. Use twine and leather as decorative ties, and fill the party menu with craft beer and barbecue.

Balloon Decoration Ideas For Party

Looking for some fun balloon decoration ideas for your party? Look no further than the examples below, no matter what your theme is.

17. Gold and White

Gold and white balloons work for many different party themes. Whether it’s a graduation, bachelorette, engagement, or baby shower, this classy color scheme will make your party picture perfect.

18. Pastel Colors

Top 24 Party Decoration Ideas for Any Celebration | Shutterfly (8)

Pastel colors like light pink, blue, and purple look great for parties that want a softer decor and style. These balloon colors look great at the dessert table at a birthday, the entrance of a baby shower, and throughout the garden of a tea party.

19. Unique Balloon Shapes

Consider whether you want latex or mylar balloons at your party, as these look and feel very different. And if appropriate for your party theme, consider unique shapes. For example, stars and moon shaped balloons at a space themed party. Please note many of these unique balloon shapes can be ordered online.

20. Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are a great way to make a grand statement at your party. Whether it’s to welcome guests into the celebration or to be used as a background for a photo booth, these arches look amazing. Balloon arches can be handmade or ordered ahead of time.

Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Whether it’s for a summer birthday party or end of summer celebration, a pool party might be in your future. If you’re planning a pool party, you’ll want to make sure you pick an aquatic-friendly decoration scheme. From tropical to nautical decor ideas, we’ve covered it all:

21. Tropical Decor

Top 24 Party Decoration Ideas for Any Celebration | Shutterfly (9)

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Tropical pool parties are a staple of summer, so it’s important to take the time to make yours stand out. Fill an outdoor bar area with tropical drinks and pineapple garnishes. Stick to a bright color scheme of green, yellow, and pink and fill the pool with island themed inflatables.

22. Instagram Worthy

Through an Insta worthy pool party so you’ll have no end of summer throwback photos through the rest of the year. Include swan or flamingo pool inflatables, decorative cups and paper umbrellas, and plenty of streamers and balloons. Then fill the pool with any remaining latex balloons for a picture perfect party set up.

23. White Party

A white dress party is a summer day celebration where guests come dressed in all white. Decor, including balloons, table settings, desserts, and flowers should all be white. Make sure to confirm the dress code in the invitation so no guests accidentally show up in the wrong color.

24. Nautical Party

A nautical party is the perfect pool party theme for those who want a semi-casual yet classic party. This navy blue and white color scheme pairs perfectly with nautical accents like sailboats, compasses, and similar elements.

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What decorations do you have at a party? ›

  • Balloons*
  • Banners.
  • Centerpieces.
  • Confetti.
  • Party Blowers.
  • Party Hats.
  • Streamers.
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14 Jun 2016

How do you decorate a place for a party? ›

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  1. Decorate with Flowers. ...
  2. Rearrange the Floor. ...
  3. Create a Drop Zone. ...
  4. Play with Food and Drinks. ...
  5. Use Balloons. ...
  6. Make It Real Fun with Glow Sticks and Lights. ...
  7. Use Confetti. ...
  8. Make Pets Part of the Party.
22 May 2020

What are the types of event decoration? ›

Here are our top 10 event decoration ideas to wow your attendees at your next event.
  • Food Display. Food is an art that can be used to create a lasting impression. ...
  • Fabrics. ...
  • Ceiling. ...
  • Table Decorations. ...
  • Seating Arrangements. ...
  • Decorative Backdrops. ...
  • Stage Design. ...
  • Goodie Bags.
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What are the birthday decoration items? ›

Birthday decoration materials like birthday balloons, photo booth props, birthday banners, and blingy lights are some of the must-have birthday decoration items for the celebration.

What do I need for a party list? ›

Ultimate Party Planning Checklist:
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  • Decide on a theme. ...
  • Plan your guestlist. ...
  • Determine your budget. ...
  • Hire a venue or host it yourself. ...
  • Book entertainment and extras. ...
  • Organise home cooking or hire a caterer. ...
  • Invite your guests.
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How do you make a party fun for adults? ›

20 Fun Things to Do at Any Party
  1. 01 of 20. Have a Themed Dance-Off. ...
  2. 02 of 20. Plan an At-Home Trivia Night. ...
  3. 03 of 20. Opt for Board Games. ...
  4. 04 of 20. Turn Your Place into a Casino. ...
  5. 05 of 20. On a Budget? ...
  6. 06 of 20. Put on a Scavenger Hunt. ...
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How do you decorate a large party space? ›

Using trees, vines, and large floral arrangements to divide the space gives guests a natural feeling of closeness. A unique way to divide spaces is by using fountains. They bring a sense of the outdoors in and make a space feel fresh. Don't forget to balance out all that texture with good lighting!

How can I decorate my birthday? ›

You can use paper flowers, foil curtains, a photo backdrop, strings of fairy lights, balloons and a lot more to decorate the statement wall for your birthday party.

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  1. 1) LED LIGHTS DECORATION. Get Upto 50% Off on All Packages For Birthday visit our Website. ...

Why is decoration important in a party? ›

To highlight a little bit more on the importance of event decoration, it is the main factor that will set the tone and express the spirit you want for your corporate event. This will help put the participants in the correct mood and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Why is decoration important in an event? ›

Decorations are important because they set the ambiance of the party. They accentuate the venue and the ceremony and give them the look fit for the occasion. These are the matter of choice of a person and therefore a person can decide the type and the quality of the wedding decoration.

What is event design and decoration? ›

The Role of Event Design

Event design is the process of creating a vision for an event by crafting a blueprint of all the visual details around said occasion to transform your space, while event planning is working out all the logistics of your event.

What makes a successful party? ›

A warm, relaxed and confident greeting puts people at ease right away. a personalized compliment to make guests feel special and you're already winning. Something to hold: As soon as people have received a warm welcome, make sure they have instant access to drinks and something to nibble.

How do you plan a small party? ›

The ultimate party planning checklist template
  1. Choose a theme. ...
  2. Determine your budget. ...
  3. Choose a few date and time options for the event. ...
  4. Book an event venue. ...
  5. Arrange entertainment. ...
  6. Make a guest list. ...
  7. Order supplies if you're making your own decor.

How do you make a party Unforgettable? ›

10 Amazing Tips To Throw An Unforgettable Party Without Any Stress
  1. Create a Guest List. ...
  2. Remember to Send Invites to the Guests. ...
  3. Decide on a theme in advance. ...
  4. Make Proper Arrangements. ...
  5. Order Your drinks in advance. ...
  6. Make a Checklist. ...
  7. Plan a budget and Follow it. ...
  8. Choose a Food Menu.
9 Jun 2022

Who pays for an engagement party? ›

Who should pay for an engagement party? Tradition has largely dictated that the bride's parents host and pay for the engagement party. However, today's standards have slowly dated this rule. Now, many couples plan, host, and pay for their engagement party out of their own pocket.

How much money do you give for an engagement party? ›

How much money do you give at an engagement party? The standard amount to give as a wedding gift is $100 to $200. Give less than this as an engagement party gift. Somewhere between $50 and $75 is appropriate.

How do you throw an engagement party on a budget? ›

Engagement Party Ideas
  1. Keep it intimate. ...
  2. Send out digital invitations. ...
  3. Throw a garden party. ...
  4. Give old decorations a second life. ...
  5. Buy food in bulk. ...
  6. Consider the time of day. ...
  7. Keep your bar menu simple. ...
  8. Save on your look.
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How do you throw a good party? ›

9 Ways To Throw A Successful Party
  1. Create an Enticing Invitation. Your invitations must make an impact! ...
  2. Invite an Interesting Group of Guests. ...
  3. Use Festive Décor. ...
  4. Lighting is Super Important. ...
  5. Create a Lively Playlist. ...
  6. Incorporate Thoughtful Details. ...
  7. Offer Mouthwatering Food. ...
  8. Serve a Mix of Cocktails.
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How do you set up an outdoor party table? ›

Summer Party: Setting Up An Outdoor Buffet Table - YouTube

How do you keep an outdoor party cool? ›

Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at Summer Parties
  1. Schedule an HVAC Inspection. Have a technician inspect and clean your air conditioner. ...
  2. Seat Guests Wisely. ...
  3. Provide Shade Outdoors. ...
  4. Cover the Patio Door. ...
  5. Use Fans. ...
  6. Provide Cold Food and Drink Options. ...
  7. After the Party.

What Indian food is good for birthday? ›

For a birthday menu, you can just include 1 dessert, as there is also cake at the party.
  • Rice Kheer, or Vermicelli Kheer, or Sabudana Kheer.
  • Carrot Halwa or Coconut Pumpkin Halwa or Moong Dal Halwa.
  • Mango Shrikhand or Kesar Pista Shrikhand.
  • Gulab jamun.
  • Fusion Gulab Jamun Shrikhand Bowls has been super popular.
7 Sept 2022

What are some food items? ›

Canned, Jarred, & Pouched Foods
  • Fruits and vegetables (choose options without added sugar or salt)
  • Meat, poultry, & seafood (fish, chicken, or other meats)
  • Beans (pinto, black, garbanzo)
  • Soups (look for lower sodium varieties)
  • Nut butter (peanut, almond)
  • Dried fruit.
  • Sauces (tomato, spaghetti, pizza)
  • Salsa.


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