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Lunch Menu

Disney Springs, Marketplace

Themed Dining


Supersaurus Sampler (For Four)

Cheesy Skillet Meatballs, Nashville Hot Boneless Wings, Chili con Queso, Caprese Flatbread, and Mozzarella Sticks | Add St. Louis-style Pork Spareribs $10.99


Colosso Beef Nachos (For Two)

Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, chives, sour cream


Mozzarella Sticks


Cheesy Skillet Meatballs

Meatballs, fresh mozzarella cheese, herbed focaccia bread


Caprese Flatbread

Herb oil, Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, arugula, balsamic glaze


Roasted Chicken Alfredo Flatbread

Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, spinach, cherry tomatoes


Soup & Salads

Soup of the Day


French Onion Soup


Small Caesar-saurus Salad


Jurassic Salad

Carrots, tomatoes, black olives, choice of dressing


Cobb Salad

Grilled Chicken, tomatoes, black olives, blue cheese crumbles, chopped egg, bacon, balsamic vinaigrette dressing


Caesar-saurus Salad


Caesar-saurus Salad with Chicken


Caesar-saurus Salad with Shrimp


Grain Bowl

Barley, wheat berries, wild rice, red and white quinoa, oven roasted vegetables, citrus vinaigrette dressing


Grain Bowl with Chicken

Barley, wheat berries, wild rice, red and white quinoa, oven roasted vegetables, citrus vinaigrette dressing


Grain Bowl with Shrimp

Barley, wheat berries, wild rice, red and white quinoa, oven roasted vegetables, citrus vinaigrette dressing


Omnivore's Delight

Mixed greens, seasonal berries, goat cheese croutons, apple cider vinaigrette


Omnivore's Delight with Chicken

Mixed greens, seasonal berries, goat cheese croutons, apple cider vinaigrette


Omnivore's Delight with Shrimp

Mixed greens, seasonal berries, goat cheese croutons, apple cider vinaigrette


Omnivore's Delight with Salmon

Mixed greens, seasonal berries, goat cheese croutons, apple cider vinaigrette


Burgers & Sandwiches

Bronto Burger*

American cheese, brioche bun served with seasoned fries. Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles served on the side.| Add bacon or mushrooms $3.99

(Video) Disney Springs T-Rex Restaurant 2021 Full Themed Dining Experience - Dinner, Fun Facts & Tour!


Megasaurus Burger*

Mammoth version of Bronto Burger served with seasoned fries. Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles served on the side.| Add bacon or mushrooms $3.99


Mushroom and Swiss Burger*

Mushrooms, Swiss cheese, brioche bun served with seasoned fries.Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles served on the side. | Mega-size $25.99


Beyond Burger®

Plant-based patty, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, brioche bun served with seasoned fries. Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles served on the side. | Add bacon or mushrooms $3.99


Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich

Crispy panko lemon chicken, pesto-mayo, arugula, tomatoes, sourdough bun served with seasoned fries | Add bacon or mushrooms $3.99


Herbivore Burger

Veggie burger, pepper jack cheese, burger sauce, brioche bun served with seasoned fries.Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles served on the side. | Add bacon or mushrooms $3.99



Sunset Isle Salmon

Chickpea crusted salmon, zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, Kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, orzo pasta salad


Tar Pit Fried Shrimp

Tartar and cocktail sauce, seasoned fries, coleslaw



English-style, tartar sauce, seasoned fries, coleslaw


Coconut Shrimp

Sweet Thai chili dipping sauce, seasoned fries, coleslaw


Crustacean Trio

Coconut shrimp, shrimp scampi, whiskey glazed shrimp, Raptor rice, seasonal vegetables



Mushroom Ravioli

Lobster cream sauce, Roma tomatoes, spinach


Mushroom Ravioli with Chicken

Lobster cream sauce, Roma tomatoes, spinach


Mushroom Ravioli with Shrimp

Lobster cream sauce, Roma tomatoes, spinach


Prehistoric Pasta

Alfredo sauce, fettuccine pasta


Prehistoric Pasta with Chicken

Alfredo sauce, fettuccine pasta


Prehistoric Pasta with Shrimp

Alfredo sauce, fettuccine pasta



Boneyard Buffet

Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken, slow roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, seasoned fries, coleslaw


Meteor Meatloaf

Homemade meatloaf, BBQ sauce, red skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, fried onion strings


Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken

Half of a chicken, red skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables



Half rack of slow roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, BBQ sauce, seasoned fries, coleslaw | Add additional half rack $14.99


New York Strip*

Char-grilled, topped with steak butter, red skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables


Triassic Trio*

(Video) WALT DISNEY WORLD! Day 2 | Magic Kingdom & Dinner at T-Rex in Disney Springs

Dino-mite shrimp and scallops, shrimp skewer, chimichurri sauce, char-grilled sirloin steak, steak butter, Raptor rice


Tuscan Chicken

Marinated char-grilled chicken breast, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, honey Dijon mustard sauce, red skinned mashed potatoes


Chicken Fried Chicken

Country gravy, red skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables



Seasoned Fries




Raptor Rice


Seasonal Vegetables


Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes


Add on Jurassic Salad or Small Caesar-saurus Salad


Add on Soup of the Day


Add on Grilled Shrimp


Add on Tar Pit Fried Shrimp


Add on St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs


Kids' Entrées

Grilled Chicken

served with choice of side and drink


Sly's Sliders

Char-broiled mini burger with American cheese served with choice of side and drink


Tarpit Shrimp


Chicken Strips


Dexter Corn Dogs

Mini corn dogs served with choice of side and drink


Chicken and Shrimp Combo


Rocksy's Pasta

Tossed with your choice of Alfredo, Butter, or Marinara sauce and served with choice of side and drink. Add meatballs for $2.00


Chicken Quesadilla

served with choice of side and drink


Cosmo's Cheesy Macaroni

Pasta with lots of cheese served with choice of side and drink


Lava Lasagna

Layers of pasta with meat and tomato sauce served with choice of side and drink


Paleo Pizza

Cheese or pepperoni served with choice of side and beverage


Kids' menu items for children ages 9 and younger.
Look for the Disney Check icon on printed menus to find options that meet Disney's nutrition guidelines.

Kids' Sides

(Video) The Obvious Reason You Should Eat at This Disney World Restaurant -- T-Rex Review



Fresh Fruit

Steamed Veggies

Mashed Potatoes


Kids' Desserts

Chocolate Tarpit

Creamy chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo® cookies and gummy worms


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

A chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream


Kids' Beverages

Apple Juice

Coca-Cola® Soft Drinks

2% Milk

Capri Sun Roarin' Waters


Cosmic Key Lime Pie


Chocolate Extinction (For Four)




The Watering Hole

Category "5"

Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur, Don Q Coconut Rum, 99 Bananas Liqueur, sweet-n-sour and pineapple juice. Available in a souvenir glass for (15.50)


Caveman Punch

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, DeKuyper Banana liqueur, DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps, and tropical fruit juices. Available in a souvenir glass for (15.50)


Journey to the Center

Don Q Cristal Rum, Cruzan Mango Rum, Cruzan Strawberry Rum, triple sec, fruit juices and Finest Call Grenadine. Available in a souvenir glass (15.50)


Lava Flow

Don Q Coconut Rum, Tropics Piña Colada mix and Strawberry Purée. Available in a souvenir glass (15.50)


Raptor Rita

Sauza Blue Silver Tequila and sweet-and-sour topped with Patrón Citrónge Orange Liqueur. Available in a souvenir glass (15.50)


Traditional Mojito

Bacardi Limón Rum, fresh mint, lime, and club soda. Available in a souvenir glass (15.50)


Candy Apple Cotton-tini

Sobieski Vodka, DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps, sweet-n-sour

Candy Apple Cotton-Tini

Svedka Vodka, DeJuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps, Sweet-and-Sour, topped with Cotton Candy and includes a Shaker Glass


Tropical Cotton-Tini

Don Q coconut Rum Tropical Fruit Juices, topped with Cotton Candy and includes a Shaker Glass


Jurassic Mule

Svedka Vodka, fresh lime juice topped with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer


El Dorado

Patrón Citrónge Orange Liqueur, Monin South Seas Blend, citrus juices topped with a 50ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Bottle



Frozen Mastodon Margarita with a Coronita Extra®. Available in Original, Blood Orange, Blue and Strawberry flavors


(Video) SKIP the line: The T-Rex Cafe Disney Springs Secret

Prehistoric Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon, house made cinnamon vanilla syrup, agave nectar



Prophecy Pinot Grigio



Murphy-Goode Chardonnay



Conde Valdemar Rosé



Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc



Korbel Sparkling


Charles & Charles Red Blend



Mark West Pinot Noir



Rodney Strong Merlot




Budweiser or Bud Light

Miller Lite or Coors Light

Michelob Ultra

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider

Cigar City Jai Alai IPA

Corona Extra


Heineken 0.0 (Non-Alcoholic)

Stella Artois

White Claw Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

Bud Light Draft

Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen Draft

Sailfish Brewing Company, Tag and Release Amber Draft

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA

The Big Chills

Strawberry-Asaurus Lemonade

A refreshing lemonade made with real strawberries

Shark Water

Monin Coconut, Blue Curaçao, and Sprite with a splash of Blue Coconut

Very-Cherry Limeade

Sprite with a splash of cherry and lime juices

About our allergy-friendly menu items: Guests may consult with a chef or special diets trained Cast Member before placing an order. We use reasonable efforts in our sourcing, preparation and handling procedures to avoid the introduction of the named allergens into allergy-friendly menu choices. While we take steps to prevent cross-contact, we do not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and are unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Allergy-friendly offerings are reliant on supplier ingredient labels. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of each food item. Allergen advisory statements (e.g., "may contain") are not regulated and therefore not taken into consideration when developing allergy-friendly meals. It is ultimately our Guests' discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs.

Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

(Video) Walt Disney World Resort . T-REX Cafe, Disney Springs

Our plant-based menu items are made without animal meat, dairy, eggs and honey.


Is T Rex restaurant on Disney dining plan? ›

The cuisine is primarily standard American fare that will appeal to a broad cross-section of guests (menu). T-REX is a 1-credit restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan, but does not accept Tables in Wonderland. However, it does offer a 10% Annual Passholder discount.

Is T Rex Cafe the same as Rainforest Cafe? ›

Rainforest Café and T-REX Restaurant are both unique themed restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Does Trex Cafe allow walk ins? ›

T-Rex Cafe does take walk-ins throughout the day, as long as the restaurant is not at full capacity or expected to be at full capacity for the next several hours.

How many eggs can at Rex have? ›

rex parents cared for their young before or after they hatched. No T. rex eggs or nests have ever been found, but fossils of other Tyrannosaur relatives suggest that they laid elongated eggs, roughly 20 or more at a time.

What is at Rex for kids? ›

The Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the deadliest dinosaurs to roam the Earth. Labeled as the “dinosaur king,” this species existed at the end of the Late Cretaceous period, about 66 to 90 million years ago.

What is the best food at T Rex restaurant? ›

The T-REX serves up an All-American cuisine for both lunch and dinner. You'll find dinosaur-sized portions of your favorites such as burgers, sandwiches, and pasta. Some of our top recommendations are the Bronto Burger, Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich, and the Prehistoric Pasta!

What is the name of the secret restaurant in Disney World? ›

It's called Club 33, and it's every Disney fan's dream come true. If you've been to Disneyland, you might have walked right past the entrance to Disney's ultra-exclusive restaurant without even noticing it exists. Most people do; after all, it was designed to be a total secret to most of us mere mortals.

Does Disney still have Pizza Planet? ›

7 years ago. The former Pizza Planet restaurant will become home to Muppet themed restaurant.

Why did Disney get rid of Rainforest Cafe? ›

When Disney announced the closures of the Rainforest Cafe in 2018, along with the nearby AMC Theatre and ESPN Zone, the plan was to use that space to create a Disney-owned, 700-room hotel. But after a protracted conflict with the city of Anaheim over proposed tax subsidies, Disney decided to cancel the hotel project.

Is T-Rex cafe owned by Disney? ›

T-Rex is owned by Landry's Inc.

What is chocolate extinction at T-Rex Cafe? ›

End your meal with a volcanic dessert that's large enough for 4 people or one triceratops. Our Chocolate Extinction dessert combines chocolate fudge cake and ice cream in an explosive combination that's smoking good and lava-lusciously delicious.

How much does at Rex cost? ›

rex smashed records in October 2020 when a bidding war drove its price to $31.8 million, the highest ever paid for any fossil.

How much does at Rex Bone cost? ›

A Tyrannosaurus rex tooth? More than $100,000. In a booming market for dinosaur fossils, Sotheby's estimated that a T. rex skull it was auctioning would fetch between $15 million and $20 million.

Can you out run at Rex? ›

Sorry, Jurassic Park fans: Cutting-edge simulations suggest the mighty dinosaur wasn't capable of more than a light jog. Contrary to popular belief, the tyrant lizard king was not built for speed. Instead, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex was typically restricted to a brisk walk, according to a rigorous new computer model.

How much does a T. rex egg cost? ›

Besides that, the determination of the fossil's value depends upon its condition, rarity, and age as well. Although the common value exists of a dinosaur egg is about $400 to $1500. Some factors exist that let you know about the dinosaur egg like it's worth or not.

Does T. rex have wings? ›

There is no evidence to suggest that T-Rex's forelimbs were wings. Many T-Rex ancestors had forelimbs proportionally longer and with functionality more akin to arms than vestigial wings. Although later maniraptorans and dromaeosaurs retained their quill knobs and wings there is no evidence theropods like T-Rex did so.

How do you get the dinosaur egg cheat? ›

Spawn Using Animal Name

To spawn this item using an animal's name, visit Marnie's Ranch, speak to Marnie and purchase an animal (we recommend a chicken as it is cheapest). Name the animal [107] and press OK. You will then receive the dinosaur egg item.

Why is AT Rex so popular? ›

Its early discovery and North American heritage may explain its position as the world's most famous dinosaur. Bones from around 30 individuals, including several near-complete skeletons, have been found throughout western North America and in no other part of the world.

What makes at Rex special? ›

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. With a massive body, sharp teeth, and jaws so powerful they could crush a car, this famous carnivore dominated the forested river valleys in western North America during the late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago.

What is at Rex special features? ›

T. rex is characterized by an oversized head with forward facing eyes, huge muscular jaws, robust serrated teeth, a powerful tail, and tiny arms. T rex was the apex predator of its time.

What was the preferred food of T. rex? ›

rex was a huge carnivore and primarily ate herbivorous dinosaurs, including Edmontosaurus and Triceratops. The predator acquired its food through scavenging and hunting, grew incredibly fast and ate hundreds of pounds at a time, said University of Kansas paleontologist David Burnham. "T.

Does T. rex taste like chicken? ›

rex tasted more like poultry than, say, beef or pork. Its flavor would likely have been closer to that of a carnivorous bird—perhaps a hawk—than a chicken. What does a hawk taste like? It's probably not far off from the dark meat of a turkey but would be more pungent because of its all-meat diet.

Is at Rex fast or slow? ›

One previous study of a single footprint of a large tyrannosaur suggests that the beast could have been traveling as fast as 11 kilometers per hour (6.8 miles per hour), says Eric Snively, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.

How do you get into Club 33 dinner? ›

Is There a Special Ticket for Club 33? The simple answer is, no, there is not a special ticket you can purchase for Club 33. You must either become a member, have a corporate pass, or hope you have a friend who is a member. The value of a Club 33 membership lies within its exclusivity, privacy and its hospitality.

How do you get into Club 33 at Disney? ›

Guests who wish to become members at Club 33 will need to email Club33@WaltDisneyWorld.com for Walt Disney World, or for Disneyland, you must submit a written letter of inquiry at the address as follows: Club 33 Member Services, 1600 S. Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA 92802, in order to be considered.

What is Club 33 at Disney World? ›

Known simply as Club 33, the lounge is an ultra-exclusive venue for important figures to duck out of the crowds, cool down with a beverage, and enjoy gourmet cuisine. Membership is highly coveted by powerful Disney fans – so much so that the waitlist is rumored to be over 15 years long!

Why did Disney get rid of Pizza Planet? ›

In fact, it's the third. Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant shuttered in Disneyland Paris in late 2016 after being deemed “Disney unworthy” by the resort's COO, Daniel Delcourt.

What replaced Pizza Planet? ›

Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida also shut down their Toy Story Pizza Planet restaurant in 2016 and replaced it with a Muppets-themed PizzeRizzo restaurant.

What is Pizza Planet called now? ›

The area featuring the location at Hollywood Studios was re-themed into Muppets Courtyard, and the Pizza Planet was replaced by PizzeRizzo.

What Disney restaurant has the kitchen sink? ›

Kitchen Sink Dessert Recipe at Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort. The legendary Kitchen Sink dessert at Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort is a gargantuan bowl, er, kitchen sink, overflowing with sugary treats.

Why are so many things closed at Disney World? ›

Attractions close for routine maintenance, safety upgrades, improvements, and reimaginings. (Updated January 23, 2023.) While no one wants attraction downtime during their trip to Walt Disney World, refurbishments are necessary to keep the rides looking good (and safe!) for future visitors.

Why is Earl of Sandwich closing in Downtown Disney? ›

The sandwich shop's former location in Downtown Disney closed for good in January 2022 to make way for new construction as part of a multi-year “reimagining.” Disney said it planned to redevelop the western part of the Downtown Disney District to provide more open space for various events.

Can you use Disney gift cards at T Rex restaurant? ›

Yes! Disney Gift Cards are not "extinct" at T REX™ Cafe in Disney Springs, they are an acceptable form of payment for your prehistoric meals.

Is Disney Springs free? ›

Disney Springs is free to visit. A park ticket is not required and standard parking is complimentary.

What is the dinosaur version of Rainforest Cafe? ›

Description: T-REX Cafe is a prehistoric family adventure! This interactive attraction includes a full-service restaurant with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and simulated meteor showers, as well as an impressive Octopus Bar, a dinosaur-themed retail store, and our interactive Paleo Zone.

Is at Rex a plant eater? ›

The theropod ("beast-footed") dinosaurs, which included Tyrannosaurus rex and other fierce predators, were notorious carnivores that lived between about 230 million and 66 million years ago. A few theropods did eventually become vegetarians, however, although only toward the end of this dino group's long reign.

Are they getting rid of DinoLand? ›

Spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom is Now Totally Extinct, Gone Forever. A Guest-favorite spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom is now a thing of the past, and most Guests didn't even get to say goodbye.

How much does Mousewatcher cost? ›

Subscription plans are billed monthly and start at $19 per month. Larger plan levels are available for users needing more alerts, and you can easily switch plan levels as needed. Subscriptions automatically renew each month and you can cancel anytime.

How expensive is are T. rex bones? ›

$31.8 million.

That's the record for the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever sold at auction, set when another tyrannosaur specimen from the Hell Creek Formation called Stan was sold in a Christie's auction last year.

How much does a full T. rex cost? ›

T-Rex Skeleton Expected to Fetch Up to $25 Million at Auction.

Can a person out run at Rex? ›

Tyrannosaurs were only about as fast as spandex-clad power walkers, new study suggests. A rare set of tyrannosaur footprints is giving researchers insight into the walking speed of the prehistoric beasts, and it's possible that humans might have been able to outrun them.

Can at Rex smell? ›

One interesting finding: T. rex brains show unusually large olfactory regions for a dinosaur, indicating the species had an exceptionally keen sense of smell.

What is the most expensive bone in the world? ›

Stan, the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, sold for $31.8 million in 2020 -- the highest price ever paid at auction for a fossil. The sale was controversial and the buyer never disclosed.

How much did Nicolas Cage spend on dinosaur bones? ›

The actor had purchased a Tyrannosaurus bataar skull from a Beverly Hills gallery for $276,000 (£186,000) in 2007, without knowing it was stolen.

How many complete T. rex skeletons are there? ›

Only 32 adult T. rex have been discovered as fossils, so the fossil record accounts for just one in about every 80 million T. rex.


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