Omori's Vision: Mothra vs. Bagan Draft Translation - Toho Kingdom (2023)

After hitting several unexpected roadblocks and over a year of work later, it’s finally here – a complete translation of the story draft for Mothra vs. Bagan as seen in the Japanese publication “Godzilla” Toho Special Effects Unpublished Material Archive: Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and His Era (ISBN: 9784048544658), where it was condensed to 26 pages. Being a draft, the story is written rather erratically, so some text was altered to make for a more coherent and enjoyable read. Also, minor spoilers, but while the site’s synopsis mentions Godzilla, he was never incorporated in this draft as he was only put into consideration at the time. Just something to keep in mind! Naturally, I’d highly recommend checking the site’s page in the link above for plenty of history and trivia. A very, VERY special thanks to Ashley Southworth for her translations in the last half of this story outline, to John Ruffin of MyKaiju Godzilla for also looking into translating parts of this story, and to the incredibly talented dopepope for his recreation of the Bagan concept intended for this work. Without further ado, please enjoy Kazuki Omori and Tomoyuki Tanaka’s lost project!

~ Joshua S.


Examination Draft
Mothra vs. BaganKazuki Omori
Onward to a world featuring fantastic monsters in a thrilling action-adventure movie


Production ・Tomoyuki Tanaka
Screenplay / Director ・Kazuki Omori
Special Effects Director ・Koichi Kawakita
Producer ・Shogo Tomiyama


Masako Tezuka (26) Global Environment Conference Staff
Kenji Andoh (30) Japan Documentary Center, Director
Takuya Fujita (24) Japan Documentary Center, Photographer

Jyoji Minamigaki (40) Local Coordinator
Ryuzo Tashiro (45) A certain trading company’s Bangkok Branch Manager

Shigeki Fukazawa (50) Global Environmental Conference, Chief

Puto (9) Local boy
Somna PayakThailand・Chulalongkorn University・Professor of Paleontology
Sūn Shì JīPeking University・Professor of Archeology
Sajit SinghDirector of Nepal National Museum
RamadaSingapore Army Commander
Thailand Secretary of Defense

Miki Saegusa (18)

Shobijin (twins)


1 A blue star floating in space, Earth

—Camera zooms in.

The continent of Asia comes into view, zoom in.

Various sound effects can be heard—

2 Himalayan Mountain Range

A certain mountain. Loud sounds, and an avalanche starts to occur. An intense amount of snow smashes into rocks, and tears down trees. In the snow cloud, the black shadow of something huge has started moving.

3 Japan・Tokyo・XX Hall

A “Thinking About the Earth’s Future Symposium” billboard is in front of the building.

4 Same・Inside the venue

Pictures taken from the Landsat (Resource Exploration Satellite) are reflected on the podium by slides — a huge iceberg melting away from Antarctica, a tropical rainforest where large-scale logging is happening, etc.

Masako Tezuka (26) is speaking about global warming, standing next to the podium.

5 Same・Lobby

Masako, who has finished her speech, talks with staff, foreigners.

A man・Kenji Andoh (30) calls out to Masako as she passes by.

Masako speaks in a delighted tone at the sight of Andoh,

Masako: “You came! I thought you weren’t in Japan anyway.”

Andoh: “I just got back yesterday from collecting data on Colombian narcotics.”

6 Andoh’s car cruising through the city at night・Inside

Andoh is driving with Masako next to him.

Masako: “Busy travelling all over the world as usual, I see.”

Andoh: “No rest for poor people. It’s the fate of subcontract production, you see. Well, I was the one who quit the TV program, so I can’t complain.”

Masako: “Do you regret it now?”

Andoh: “Stop it. You too, quitting the hospital, working on stuff like environmental problems, aren’t you the one regretting it?”

Masako: “I’m not that weak! (cutely angry)”

7 Tokyo Bay Area・Restaurant Bar

Two people eat.


Photographs are put on the table.

Photos from the Landsat — a huge white egg-like object in the back of the jungle is visible.

Masako’s voice: “I found it while investigating the deforestation’s actual condition from a space camera. The location is deep inside Borneo Island.”

Andoh looks at the photos.

Andoh: “A huge dome in the jungle.”

Masako: “No one ever talked about the natives there playing baseball.”

Andoh: “Then, it’s a UFO.”

Masako: “Come on, be serious. I think it’s an egg.”

Andoh: “You too, are you being serious? An egg this big?”

Masako: “Dinosaur.”

Andoh: “A dinosaur egg? No way…”

Andoh, once again, looks at the photos. His face is serious.

8 Tokyo・Global Environment Conference Headquarters・AV Room

A slide picture is projected on-screen — a bunch of cuts from the remains of the Himalayan avalanche are compiled,

Fukazawa’s voice: “How’s that possible? It’s like the mountain is gone.”

The lights in the room come on.

Shigeki Fukazawa (50) — Global Environment Conference Chief, and Masako.

Fukazawa: “(sigh) Not even in the South Pole has there ever been drifting ice this big.”

Masako: “With global warming progressing this far, you can’t say it’s just science fiction. It’s an undeniable reality.”

Fukazawa: “(stands up, walking around) The country has to think about this more seriously, too. With just this much money, we won’t be able to catch up with reality and that’ll be a terrible thing.”

9 Same・Office

Fukazawa and Masako come out from the AV room.

Masako: “Chief, about this thing from back then…”

Fukazawa: “Oh, the dinosaur egg, right?”

Masako: “About the investigation.”

Fukazawa goes to his seat. He packs up his bag with books, various documents, etc. on the table,

Fukazawa: “Sorry, but can’t it wait until I get back from Himalaya?”

Masako looks dissatisfied.

Fukazawa: “(to calm her down) A special budget, no matter where I knock, won’t come right away. Isn’t it fine, anyway? If it’s really an egg, it won’t move or anything.”

Masako: “(even so) If I find a sponsor myself, can I go?”

Fukazawa: “You’re quite stubborn, aren’t you? Fine, go ahead.”

10 Nepal・Mountain village — Night

Many houses are illuminated by the dim light of the moon.

Suddenly, they are covered by the shadow of a huge monster.

Like a unicorn, there is a big sharp horn.

A flash goes off, and at the same time the whole area is engulfed with fire and a bursting explosion.

11 Tokyo・Old building in Shinjuku

“Japan Documentary Center” can be seen on some overhanging signboards.

Andoh’s voice: “Game Soft Company is the general incorporated association, though—”

12 Japan Documentary Center・Office

Stacks of video tapes, photography equipment, editing equipment — a room that looks like a combined warehouse, office, and editing room.

Andoh and Masako arrive at the sorry-looking lounge suite.

Andoh: “When I told them that it might be a dinosaur egg, and that we could monopolize commercialization and stuff, they were sold.”

Masako: “Isn’t that good?”

Andoh: “But, that’s half the budget. If we bring the other half to the TV station, sure enough, they’ll want to see the end result first. Bargaining hard for the finished product is their tactic.”

Masako: “Then…”

Andoh: “No, I’ll go with however much there is, no matter what. That is my gamble.”

Masako: “(happily) I see.”

Andoh: “But, we have to limit our scale to a minimum. If we include a coordinator and staff from their side, then two people is the limit on our side.”

Masako: “Andoh-san and me?”

Andoh: “(shakes head) You can’t roll a video camera, can you?”

Masako: “Eh?!”

Andoh: “Me and someone else I know, someone who’ll be able to roll the camera and drive, someone young who can do anything. We’ve traveled around Africa before.”

Masako: “Give me a break, I’m the one who brought this up, how can you not take me along!”

Andoh: “I’ve checked the map, it’s quite deep in the jungle. A little too hard for a lady to go to.”

Masako: “I’m way tougher than what you imagine me to be. And…”

Andoh: “And?”

Masako: “Deep in the jungle and rivers and such, you don’t know what kind of viruses might be there. Are you planning to go to such a place with just one first aid kit? Iama doctor.”

Andoh, thinking —I guess I have no choice.

13 A temple in the outskirts of Kathmandu・Panoramic view — Late at night

14 Same・Inside

A flapping noise from an open window.

A monk who seems to have awakened to the sound comes to close the window.

The monk looks out the window —!!

A black mountain is outside the window.

Monk: “Was there a mountain in such a place…?”

Suddenly, two eyes shine on the black mountain. The eyes glare at the monk.

The monk is unable to stand up or utter any cry. He runs away crawling.

The black mountain rises with aboom.

15 Giant black shadow looms over the temple

An arm from the mountain appears. Its claws gleam gently, extending to the temple.

With one nail, the temple crumbles noisily.

16 Malaysia・Certain port city of Borneo Island

17 Bar-like restaurant outskirts

Local boy Puto (9), and Jyoji Minamigaki (40) with worn out jeans, jacket, and stubble, play Shogi on the table. Puto is winning, Minamigaki’s clicking his tongue.

The door opens, and three shadows enter — Andoh, Masako, Takuya Fujita (24). All three are consolidating themselves in an outdoor style.

Minamigaki rises upon seeing Andoh.

Minamigaki: “Are you Andoh-san?”

Andoh: “Mr. Minamigaki?”

Minamigaki nods, and the two shake hands.

Minamigaki: “I couldn’t come pick you up at the airport, sorry.”

Andoh: “Likewise, the plan for 2 suddenly became 3. We’re on a budget, so pardon me for the inconvenience, (points at the 2) cameraman Fujita-kun and producer Tezuka-kun.”

Minamigaki: “Jyoji Minamigaki, the world-wandering photographer. Allow me to be the coordinator this time.”

When the greetings end, each takes a seat.

Andoh: “(to Minamigaki) The guide’s not here yet?”

Minamigaki: “He’s coming.”

3 people —?

Minamigaki points to Puto.

Puto: “(with a smile) Nice-to-meet-you.”

Andoh: “This kid?!”

Minamigaki: “(nods) Since you brought 1 more person there, we couldn’t hire a local man.”

Andoh, as if trying to sayit’s all your fault, looks at Masako.

Masako: “(ignoring Andoh, to Minamigaki) Is it okay with a kid?”

Minamigaki: “There’s no one as qualified as this one. This child was born and raised in the village closest to our destination.”

Masako: “Inside the jungle?”

Minamigaki: “(nods) After losing both his parents, he was taken care of by a priest in this town. He was also taught a little English in the church. He himself is very happy to be able to go to his village, and the church also says they don’t need money as long as they can help.”

Andoh: “(feeling better) It’s the best cast, then.”

Masako — anxious.

Minamigaki: “So, when are we heading out?”

Andoh: “As soon as possible.”

Minamigaki: “Understood.”

Takuya: “What about a car?”

Minamigaki: “Since we have some leftover money from the guide budget, I’ve prepared a good one. (grins)”

18 Panoramic view of Kathmandu


19 National Museum of Nepal・Panoramic view

20 Same・Conference room

Surrounding a conference table, Fukazawa, Sajit Singh (Director of Nepal National Museum), Sūn Shì Jī (Beijing University・Professor of Archeology), Somna Payak (Thailand・Chulalongkorn University・Professor of Paleontology), and others are lined up.

Fukazawa: “Well, regarding that huge avalanche, if global warming melting the ice wasn’t the cause, then…”

Somna: “Of course, there is no doubt the cause was something big, plus—”

Fukazawa: “Plus?”

Somna: “Something with huge power worked its way out from under the snow.”

Fukazawa: “But, what on earth…?”

Sajit: “After the big avalanche, this is what happened in my country (then, pulls out several pictures).”

Photo — a mountain village burned in Nepal, a monastery destroyed in the outskirts of Kathmandu, huge footprints left, traces of claw marks, etc.

Sajit: “A huge creature. It was asleep under the snow all this time.”

Somna: “(picks up the photo) Could it be the legendary Abominable Snowman?”

Sajit shakes his head unknowingly.

Sūn: “(speaks quietly)Bagan.”

Everyone looks at Sūn — “Bagan?!”

Sūn: “Make an empty vow, misconstrue your prayer, in other words,Bagan, it will overtake your path— it is a monster written in our ancient documents, theWen xuan. It will appear from the mountain, dive in the water, and soar through the sky.”

Fukazawa: “Are you saying that such a monster is real?”

Sūn: “(shakes head) I don’t know, either. But when the country’s in disorder, the world is dirty, and people’s hearts are filled with evil, Bagan will appear from the depths of the earth.”

21 Borneo Island・Jungle

A piece-of-junk truck with a tarp roars its engine and runs.

22 Truck・Driver’s seat

Takuya is in the driver’s seat, while the young boy Puto gives directions in the passenger’s seat.

Takuya: “Dammit! Where is a better car, this piece of junk.”

23 Same・Luggage carrier

Next to the stack of luggage sits Masako, Andoh, and Minamigaki who has a camera hanging around his neck.

Trucks carrying logged trees pass by quickly.

Masako: “So many big trees cut down…”

Minamigaki: “It’s all being sent to Japan.”

Masako: “To Japan?”

Minamigaki: “Yes, they will be exported to noodle shops and made into disposable chopsticks.”

Masako: “…”

Minamigaki: “Me, ever since I rushed out with a camera at the time of Vietnam War, I haven’t returned to Japan at all.”

Andoh: “So, 20 years.”

Minamigaki: “(nods) During that time, I’d heard rumors of Japan here and there around the world. Japan, which was gradually growing bigger like a monster. Before I knew it, I’d become scared to return to my own country…”

The truck bounces off the road, and straight into the jungle.

Andoh: “(to the driver’s seat) What’s wrong?”

From the driver’s seat, Takuya looks back.

Takuya: “The boy knows a shortcut.”

24 Truck running through the jungle along a trackless path

— And it is piled up,

25 Night, natives emerge on the other side of the headlights

The truck arrives at Puto’s village.

26 Puto’s village — Night

Poor houses made of logs can be seen around the field.

The people come out of their houses, run up to Puto like they missed him, and are calling out to him.

Puto introduces Masako’s group to an elderly man who is like the head of the village.

27 Same・House of the village chief

The village head holds a hospitality banquet — whole roasted monkey.

Masako, Andoh are appalled.

Minamigaki and Puto eat it deliciously.

Takuya hesitantly tries it — it’s good.

Takuya: “(to Masako) It’s good. Why don’t you try eating some?”

Masako: “I’ll pass.”

Masako reaches for the vegetables and fruits instead.


After the meal —

Masako shows the photo taken from the Landsat to the village chief.

Takuya turns the video camera.

The village chief, who looks at the egg in the photograph, talks to Puto about something.

Minamigaki, who hears the conversation, tells Masako.

Minamigaki: “He seems to be saying that it is the egg of the guardian deity of the forest.”

Masako: “The guardian deity of the forest?”

The village chief nods, and speaks in a low voice.

Village chief: “Mothra.”

Masako, Andoh look at one another.

28 The next day — Morning

From the riverbank of the village, two canoes go out.

Andoh, Puto, Minamigaki are in one boat. Masako, Takuya, and the equipment and luggage are in the other.

29 Canoeing up the river

Into the depths of the jungle. The current is becoming more rapid.

Minamigaki controls the canoe with his trained arms.

Takuya’s arms are also pretty strong.

Steep riverbanks.

Puto reviews the surrounding landmark’s rocks.

The two canoes go deeper down the river, and deeper.

30 The canoes anchored in front of a big waterfall

The party lands and unloads their luggage.

31 The party climbing a cliff

32 Tents set up on the river beach (Base camp) — Night

Takuya makes a fire, while Masako warms a meal.

Andoh, Minamigaki, Puto return from their reconnaissance of the vicinity.

Andoh: “(to Takuya) Prepare the camera.”

Masako: “…? Is there something?”

Andoh: “It’s a cave.”

33 Cave・Surface

Cutting loose the ivy entwined on the entrance, the party goes inside.

34 Same・Inside

While shining a flashlight, the party proceeds through the narrow tunnel.

Finally, they come out to a wide space that couldn’t have been imagined from the entrance.

Masako shines the light of the flashlight — part of a painting is illuminated.

A huge unicorn-like creature’s head.

Takuya illuminates the entire wall with a battery light.

The unicorn and many large insects with giant wings look like they’re fighting (the sizes of the unicorn and large insects can be grasped from the humans drawn together with them).

Masako: “What on earth is this…”

Andoh: “(to Takuya) Camera, roll it.”

Takuya sets up the camera.

The party stands before the mural illuminated by light.

In the dark behind them, there are ten or so shining eyes, 4 among them being small little shining eyes — and they are watching intently. Masako and the others don’t realize they’re being watched, they’re fascinated by the strange wall painting.

They’re simple lines, but the unicorn drawing shows plenty of its ferociousness.

35 India・Calcutta — Night

The Hooghly River — a giant black body appears in the large stream.

It’s Bagan — a face that looks like the devil down to its prominent horn, a back like a rocky mountain, chest like black armor, hands and legs with sharp nails that look like artificial arms.

Towards the moonlit night, it roars. It heads to the city of Calcutta.

36 Kathmandu・Hotel room

Beside a bed, a phone rings.

Fukazawa, awake, picks up the receiver.

Fukazawa: “What?! It appeared!”

37 India・Calcutta

Bagan proceeds to destroy the city.

It releases an intense light ray from its horn. There is an explosion, and a building burns up.

38 Helicopter point of view

As Calcutta rises up in flames, like a giant mobile black rock, Bagan advances.

39 Inside the helicopter

Fukazawa, Somna, Sūn watch overhead, their breath taken away.

Fukazawa: “That really is…”

Sūn: “It is Bagan.”

Fukazawa: “I can’t believe it.”

Somna rolls the 8mm video camera that he’s holding.

40 Bagan

It submerges into the Bay of Bengal.

41 Borneo Island・Outback

Andoh, Masako advance, wading through tall thickets of grass that reaches above their backs.

The party eventually comes out of the thicket and stops.

Masako, Andoh —!!

Takuya involuntary sets up the camera.

A huge egg towers before their eyes.

Masako: “(involuntarily) It’s so huge…!”

Takuya: “(looking through the viewfinder) This won’t fit on the camera.”

Andoh: “(joy gradually rising) All right! It’s the greatest discovery of the century!”

Andoh rushes over to touch the egg, becoming hyper like a child.

Masako also approaches the egg.

At that moment, singing voices can be heard from the direction of the egg—

The words are indiscernible, but it is a beautiful melody.

All present —?!Everyone looks around.

Andoh: “Who is it?”

Takuya searches around the direction of the singing voices with his camera.

There are figures at the bottom of the egg.

Takuya: “Hmm?”

Like the lens had mistaken the figures of the people — there are two little small girls.

Takuya zooms. Two small beauties (Shobijin) are singing.

Andoh, Masako find the Shobijin.

Minamigaki also clicks his camera shutter rapidly.

Andoh: “What… is this?”

Masako: “You girls, just what…?”

Minamigaki approaches his subjects while peeking through the finder, gradually inching closer to the fairies.

Frightened, the Shobijin flee.

Masako: “Please wait!”

Minamigaki chases them.

The Shobijin run away, into the palm of a big hand. Suddenly, seven strong men appear from behind the egg. The Shobijin are in the hand of one of these men. With muscles and skin the color of iron, the men’s bodies are wrapped in beast skins. Each holds a spear in their hands.

Masako, Minamigaki are breathless.

Takuya takes his eyes off the camera.

One of the men calls out to them.

Minamigaki seems to understand some of his words.

Minamigaki: “(to Andoh) “What are you here for, what are you doing,” he seems to be saying.”

Minamigaki speaks in their weird local language with the help of Puto.

It looks like their words got through. The man replies.

Minamigaki: “When I said that we’re with a Japanese TV station, and that we came here to record this egg, they said it’s an important time as this egg’s about to hatch. We’re being told to leave quickly.”

Masako: “Hatching?”

Andoh: “Ask them to let us film it while it’s hatching.”

Minamigaki tries to talk.

The men yell roughly and hold up their spears.

Andoh, Masako —Shock!!and tumble over.

Puto hastily persuades with the men in a panic.

The man lowers his spear and speaks.

Minamigaki: “He says they will kill us if we don’t leave soon. Puto said even if we go back now, it’ll be dark halfway through. Tomorrow, as the sun rises, we will leave, I beg of you.”

The man says one, two words with a gesture showing “understood”.

Minamigaki: “It seems he understood our reasoning. We absolutely have to leave tomorrow morning. Otherwise, our lives will be gone.”

Masako bows her head as if to say “Thank you” the men.

The Shobijin in the man’s palm respond to Masako with smiles.

The men turn around to leave.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Andoh, Takuya look at the camera.

Andoh: “(still somewhat excited) Taku, the video’s still rolling, right?”

Takuya gives the OK sign.

Andoh: “I win. The people at the TV station, it’ll be fun to see what kind of faces they’ll make!”

Minamigaki orders something to Puto in a low voice.

Puto runs to where the men left.

Masako: “(to Minamigaki) Where is Puto going?”

Minamigaki: “I sent Puto to tail them.”

Masako: “(unpleasantly) You had him do what?”

Minamigaki: “Knowing the enemy’s location is necessary for our safety.Lady.”

Masako: “(annoyed) Are you saying they’re enemies?”

Masako glares at Minamigaki.

42 Cave with the wall painting・Inside

The Shobijin and seven men enter.

Puto watches from the cover of a rock.

43 Base camp — Night

There are 3 tents — one is Masako and the luggage, another is Andoh and Takuya, and the last tent has Minamigaki, Puto, and the video equipment.

Everyone is asleep. Only Minamigaki’s sleeping bag next to Puto is empty.

44 Waterfall near base camp

Minamigaki throws the video camera and finished tapes into the waterfall and leaves.

45 Cave・Front

Minamigaki takes out two cans from his pocket and goes to the entrance. He throws the cans inside. There is the sound of cans breaking.

46 Same・Inside

White smoke fills.

47 Same・Previously

Minamigaki, who is watching his wristwatch, waits for a suitable amount of time to pass, then puts on a prepared gas mask and goes inside.

After Minamigaki enters, there is a figure under the shadow of a rock — it’s Puto.

He watches warily.

48 Same・Inside

A cave with a wide space.

Seven men are lying unconscious on the ground.

Minamigaki, turning on a flashlight, checks the number of men, then begins searching for the Shobijin with great haste.

He searches the inside of the cave’s rocky cavities one by one.

He finds them — the two Shobijin collapsed on top of each other.

Minamigaki wraps the two in the palm of his hand and heads outside.

49 Same・Previously

Out comes Minamigaki, who gently puts the Shobijin in a prepared case.

Puto, who has been hiding in the cover of a rock, understands the plot of Minamigaki. He runs back towards the tents.

50 Base camp

Masako’s tent.

Puto jumps in, waking Masako.

Puto: “Masako, Masako!”

51 Cliff

Minamigaki climbs down with the case in hand.

52 Base camp

Andoh and Takuya come out of their tent.

Andoh: “(to Masako) What happened?”

Masako: “That man!”

53 Waterfall

Two canoes are anchored.

Minamigaki splashes one of the boats with gasoline fuel. After dousing it plenty, he grabs his case and rides in the other boat.

After lighting his lighter, he throws it into the gas-drenched canoe.

The canoe burns with a roaring sound.

54 Base camp

Masako approaches Andoh.

Masako: “He used the chloroform, it’s gone.”

Andoh: “What a guy!”

Takuya comes.

Takuya: “That guy, he also threw away the video camera and recording tape somewhere.”

Andoh: “What did you say—!”

Puto comes running back breathlessly.

Puto: “Fire, fire!”

The three people rush towards the waterfall pointed to by Puto.

55 Waterfall

The three people and Puto approach.

A canoe is burning.

The canoe carrying Minamigaki is nowhere in sight.

The three people are stunned. Puto is shouting angrily in a loud voice.

56 Base camp

The three people and Puto return.

Andoh: “Quick, if we don’t get away from here too, when those guys wake up it’ll be dangerous.”

Masako: “It was Minamigaki who kidnapped the Shobijin. If we just explain properly—”

Andoh: “You think they’re people who’d listen and understand?!”

As expected, Masako is also convinced.

Takuya: “But without another canoe, how?”

Puto: “I, know, I know, another way.”

Masako: “There seems to be another way.”

57 Morning sun rises in the jungle

58 Party moving on the cliff path following the river

A suspension bridge comes into view ahead.

59 Suspension bridge

It is considerably aged, and the hanging ropes appear insecure.

Andoh: “Is this all right?”

Puto: “Only one, okay?”

Masako: “You mean only one person at a time?”

Puto nods and crosses the suspension bridge quickly to the other side.

From the other side, he shouts: “Only, one, okay!”

Andoh: “Well, I’ll go first.”

Andoh crosses over. As expected, when the grown adult Andoh crosses over, the rope creaks.

Still, he manages to reach the other side.

Andoh: “(towards Masako and Takuya) Taku, let Masako go first!”

Masako: “I will go.”

Masako crosses over. In the middle, (it always happens at times like this) a bridge plank breaks.

Masako’s leg slips down. She shrieks.

Andoh: “Masako!”

Takuya: “Masako-san—!”

Masako tries her best to pull her leg back while standing on one leg somehow.

Masako is relieved. After she’s alright, she turns to Takuya and—!!

Seven men follow the cliff path. They are approaching Takuya.

Takuya, Andoh also notice the men.

Andoh: “Taku, cross over quick!”

Takuya: “But, if 2 people cross over…”

Andoh: “Run across, Masako you run, too!”

Masako runs.

A spear brushes against the hesitant Takuya’s body.

Takuya decides to run.

Two people are now on the bridge.

Puto: “No!!”

The rope on Takuya’s side tightens and snaps, splitting off as it’s unable to bear it anymore.

Masako shrieks, and grabs ahold of the bridge’s rope.

Takuya, the moment he falls, grabs onto a plank.

The suspension bridge, swinging in an arc to Andoh’s side, crashes into the cliff below.

Masako and Takuya endure the shock and are barely clinging on.

Andoh: “Get up quickly!”

Masako musters her willpower to climb up.

Takuya also goes up, using the bridge planks like a ladder.

Men toss spears at the 2 people.

A spear pierces nearby, barely hitting them.

Another spear hits the rope, 1 of the 2 ropes splits.

Masako —it’s hopeless.

And, at that moment.

Behind the seven men, a light bursts over the mountains.

A loud sparkling noise

The men turn around facing the mountain, loudly chanting “Mothra” “Mothra”, and run back in a hurry through the cliff path from where they came.

60 Mothra’s egg

Light forms in zigzags around the shell.

Along with the light, the shell starts cracking open.

61 Suspension bridge

Masako and Takuya use the rope, finally climb up.

Standing on the cliff, Andoh, Masako, Takuya, and Puto look toward the flash of light over at the mountain.

Masako: “Mothra’s egg is hatching.”

62 Minamigaki’s canoe proceeding in the river

Minamigaki also looks back, staring at the flash of light over the mountain.

The Shobijin in the case sing sorrowfully.

The song continues into the next scene.

63 Mothra’s egg

The shell splits open along the cracks.

7 men watch over (hitting the drums, dancing and such are okay…).

Flicking off eggshells, Mothra Larva emerges from within.

64 The Shobijin singing in the case

Their song gradually becomes louder — in hopes of Mothra’s help.

65 Mothra’s egg

Responding to the singing voices of the Shobijin and breaking the remainder of its shell, the Mothra Larva reveals its whole body.

Mothra gives her first cry.

― F ・ O

66 Puto’s village

Led by Puto, Masako and the others arrive.

Masako staggers and collapses.

Andoh is also very tired. He sits down.

Takuya checks for the truck.

67 Same・Where the truck was parked

There is no truck.

Takuya, who came to check, clicks his tongue in annoyance.

68 Jungle road

The truck drives on.

69 Truck・Driver’s seat

Minamigaki drives, looking triumphant.

The case of the Shobijin is on the other seat, covered by a sheet.

70 Puto’s village・Plaza

Andoh and Masako are sitting and talking.

Masako: “Is he really going to take those girls to Japan?”

Andoh: “He must be. It’d be his greatest souvenir for his return to Japan. Television, the press, agencies, they will all come rushing to him.”

Masako: “Such a dirt bag.”

Andoh: “Definitely. (lies down on his back) But, it’s not like I don’t understand.”

Masako: “… (looks at Andoh)”

Andoh: “Even scum have stubborn pride. Before that pride, as you can see, they are powerless. They can’t help themselves.”

Masako: “(sighs) By the time we reach the town on foot, the airplane will be heading for Japan.”

Takuya and Puto come with the village chief.

Takuya: “Andoh, there seems to be an airplane.”

Andoh: “(getting up) What?! In this village?”

Takuya: “According to the village chief, in the past, it fell nearby and they picked it up.”

Masako: “Really?”

Takuya: “(to Puto) Sky, flight, okay?”

Puto: “(pointing to the sky) Okay, okay!”

71 Same・Excavation hut

The village chief opens the creaky door.

Inside is a deflated, dusty balloon.

Andoh: “What is this?”

Masako: “Isn’t that a balloon?”

Takuya: “That shocked me. You said the past, but it was actually from the 19th century, wasn’t it?”

Puto: “Sky, flight, sky, flight!”

72 Same・Plaza

The balloon is swelling.

Takuya examines the equipment.

Takuya: “It seems to be okay.”

Andoh: “Hey Taku, are you for real with this thing?”

Masako: “Can you fly it?”

Takuya: “Back in my school days, I did this.”

Masako is half-anxious, half-excited.

73 Above the large forest

The balloon emerges, floating in the sky.

74 Inside the balloon basket

Masako, Andoh, Takuya, Puto.

Takuya: “See, it flew!”

Masako: “(delightfully) So great, I’ve always wanted to ride in something like this at least once.”

Puto: “(happily) Sky, flight, sky, flight!”

Andoh: “But, can we fly this to where we want to go?”

Takuya: “If the wind is on our side.”

Masako: “(pointing down) Look, it’s Mothra!”

Everyone looks to see where Masako is pointing.

75 Looking from the balloon

Mothra, who broke out of her egg, proceeds through the forest. She heads towards the sea.

76 Balloon in the sky

Floats, slowly, but it is definitely moving forward.

― F ・ O

77 Bay of Bengal・Underwater

An Indian nuclear submarine is in motion.

78 Submarine・Inside

Fukazawa, Sūn, Somna are on board. They look at the radar with the crew.

The radar does not detect anything.

Somna: “The radar is unable to tell the difference between it and the undersea rocks…”

Fukazawa: “(nodding) It was originally something of a mountain monster, after all.”

79 Underwater

The nuclear-powered submarine advances.

On the rocks at the bottom of the sea — two eyes shine eerily.

80 Singapore・Panoramic view

81 Changi International Airport

82 Same・Airport building・Departurecounter

Minamigaki is beginning the boarding procedure — dressed up in a businessman-style suit, in his hand is box-shaped luggage.

83 Same・Airport building・Front

A jeep being driven by Andoh comes to a stop. Masako, Puto exit the vehicle.

Takuya, who was waiting in the building, comes out and meets with the three people.

Takuya: “On the passenger list for the next flight to Narita, there’s Minamigaki’s name.”

Andoh: “He really is taking them back to Japan, isn’t he…”

Masako: “It was nice to have made it in time.”

The four people enter the building.

84 Same・Control tower

An air traffic controller watching over the runway — “What, what is that!”

85 Same・Runway

It is Mothra Larva.

Landing from the sea to the runway.

She steadily advances on the runway. A stopped jumbo aircraft is crushed, causing an explosion and flames.

86 Same・Waiting lobby

Passengers who are watching the sight on the runway start screaming and running away.

Sirens echo throughout the airport.

An announcement is made informing an emergency situation.


87 Same・Stairs to the lobby

Masako is caught in the crowd of people running away and cannot proceed.

Andoh: “What happened!”

88 Same・Waiting lobby

A stunned Minamigaki stares at the figure of Mothra, away from the noisy crowd.

Minamigaki: “No way…”

Minamigaki opens the bag. The two Shobijin are inside — singing.

Swearing under his breath, Minamigaki closes the bag and quickly leaves.

89 Inside the bag

The Shobijin continue singing.

Their song continues into the next scene.

90 Runway

Mothra heads toward the airport building.

After crushing an airplane standing by at the airport apron, she approaches the building.

91 Airport building・Front

People are running away, flooding all the exits.

Masako and the others come out as if being pushed back by the flood of people.

Masako: “He’s here among this crowd! We’re so close to catching him…”

Andoh: “(pulls Masako) The airplanes aren’t even flying. That dude cannot escape this town, either. Let’s go.”

Andoh takes Masako back to Takuya and the jeep.

92 Highway

Blocking out general vehicles, army troops enter — tanks, armored cars, rocket artillery, trucks, etc. head for the airport.

93 Airport as seen from a helicopter

An airplane bursts into flames.

Mothra begins destroying the airport building.

94 Airport building・Front

Breaking apart the airport building, Mothra looks up.

An attack helicopter formation of the Armed Forces is flying overhead.

The attack helicopters assault Mothra all at once.

Fired missiles, Vulcan cannon.

Explosions wrack the body of Mothra.

Mothra’s body tenses and shakes as if surprised.

95 Jeep leaving the airport

Takuya drives. The jeep cannot proceed due to a traffic jam.

Masako is looking back towards the airport.

She can see the figure of Mothra being attacked by helicopters.

Masako: “Somehow, I feel sorry for it. Mothra isn’t at fault…”

Takuya: “(nodding) Mothra only came here to take back the Shobijin, surely.”

Andoh: “If that’s so, then Minamigaki’s boss’s sin is deep.”

Masako: “How can we find him?”

Andoh: “Until he can fly to Japan, he has no choice but to wait here. He would have needed to book a hotel somewhere.”

Masako: “That’s right.”

Takuya: “Let’s examine the guest lists of the city’s hotels.”

96 Mothra at the airport

Mothra, just as she is caught in the attack of the attack helicopters, spits thread from her mouth.

The discharged thread entangles an attack helicopter.

The attack helicopter stalls and crashes, creating a big explosion.

Mothra proceeds to spit thread at the remaining attack helicopters, one after another.

Attack helicopter units fall, and explode.

Ground troops go in to attack.

Tanks, howitzers, rockets, anti-aircraft missiles are fired.

They land on Mothra’s body, one after another.

Mothra spits thread at the ground troops mercilessly.

The ground units are trapped in the thread and cannot move.

Mothra moves. Her large body is enveloped by tank, rocket, missile attacks.

97 Armed Forces headquarters

Commander Ramada is responding via radio.

Ramada: “What?! Annihilated?!… The monster is headed towards the city!”

Ramada cuts off the radio. He instructs his subordinate.

Ramada: “All remaining troops go into the city.”

Subordinate: “Understood.”

Ramada makes a phone call.

Ramada: “Oh, is this Mr. President? With our army unable to put up resistance, this could be considered a worst-case situation. I would like to request a support order to the United Nations. … Thank you.”

98 Singapore city・XX Hotel・Lobby

Masako and Andoh are on a lounge table.

Takuya and Puto arrive. They shake their heads as if sayingit’s no good, then take a seat.

A list of hotels in the city is placed on the table —

Most are crossed out.

The last 3 are erased.

Masako: “Is that all?”

Andoh: “That guy, where could he be hiding…”

Announcement — “The monster is heading towards the city. All remaining guests in the hotel, please evacuate to Fort Canning Park at once.”

The lobby starts becoming busy.

A guest with children is behind Masako, bumping into another guest.

A child drops their locomotive toy.

Masako picks up the locomotive that fell at her side and hands it over to the kid—!!

Masako: “…Railway.”

Andoh, Takuya —?

Masako: “The Malaysia Railway.”

Andoh: “! — The Malaysia Railway from Singapore to Bangkok.”

Takuya: “If you go to Bangkok, there would be a number of flights to Japan. (rising) I will go to Singapore Station.”

Puto catches up with Takuya.

99 Central Area, Singapore・Jalan Besar (Night)

Mothra comes up.

A defense line of troops are mobilized along the canal.

Mothra enters the canal.

An underwater missile that was set in the canal explodes.

Along with an intense water column, Mothra springs up.

For a moment, she floats in the air, then strikes the surface of the water again.

The water column is higher than a skyscraper.

Mothra’s cry.

Weapons such as missiles, rockets, etc. lined up on the defense line are fired all at once.

Mothra is engulfed in fire and smoke. She cannot move.

100 Armed Forces headquarters

Ramada watches Mothra on a monitor.

Ramada: “We did it!”

101 Jalan Besar

In the smoke —

Mothra moves.

Again, weapons lined up on the defense line are fired.

Mothra is aggravated. Her upper body unexpectedly contracts, and springs to hit the row of tanks, grenades, rockets, and anti-aircraft missiles lining the canal.

The defense line has been pummeled by Mothra, and weapons explode sequentially, one after another.

Mothra, fairly wounded, seems exhausted and advances slowly.

102 Armed Forces headquarters

Ramada is watching the monitor.

Ramada: “(to his subordinate) Connect me to the president.”

103 Singapore Civic Centre

Mothra approaches slowly.

In front, the 73-story Westin Stanford Hotel comes into view.

Mothra, as if she has decided on that as her target, heads for the Westin Stanford Hotel.

104 Malaysia Railway・Singapore Station・Home

It is crowded with many people evacuating.

It is just before the departure of the Asian international train.

Takuya walks along, checking each train window.

105 Same・International train・Within a passenger car

Puto walks down the aisle, carefully looking at the seats on both sides.

With a bag on his knee, the figure of Minamigaki appears, who is waiting for departure.

Puto —!!

106 Same・Home

Puto comes down from the train and calls Takuya.

Train departure bell.

Puto sees Takuya rushing over.

Takuya tries to catch the train, but the train starts moving.

107 Fort Canning Park

A small hill overlooking the city.

People who evacuated are gathered.

Among them are Masako, Andoh. Mothra begins climbing up the side of the Westin Stanford Hotel.

108 Westin Stanford Hotel

Mothra seems to cling to the building. She spits thread from her mouth.

The discharged webbing gradually envelops Mothra.

109 Fort Canning Park

Masako: “Cocoon?”

110 City Hall・Roof

Army soldiers are monitoring Mothra with binoculars.

Ramada arrives.

Everyone salutes.

Ramada gazes at Mothra, who is turning into a cocoon.

111 Westin Stanford Hotel

A huge cocoon now wraps Mothra — it is attached to the building.

112 Fort Canning Park

The people cannot help but notice Mothra’s cocoon.

Masako, Andoh —

Takuya and Puto arrive.

Takuya: “He was there. The train destined for Bangkok at XX hour XX minute just left.”

Andoh: “Is that so?”

Masako: “If you drive the jeep at full speed, can we get ahead of it?”

Andoh: “I can try.”

Everyone heads to the jeep.

113 Train running on Malaysia railway at night

Minamigaki sleeps on the booth’s seat.

In the bag on the shelf, the Shobijin sing.

The song flows into the following scene.

114 Westin Stanford Hotel

The cocoon of Mothra is lit up by military floodlights, appearing pure white.

The music becomes instrumental —

115 City Hall・Roof

Ramada watches the cocoon through binoculars.

A messenger soldier arrives.

Soldier: “(to Ramada) In response to the request of the United Nations, today, four Maser tanks have arrived at the Air Force base from the US Army in the Philippines.”

Ramada: “(appearing content) OK. At dawn tomorrow morning, we will start a heat ray attack on Mothra’s cocoon.”

116 Jeep running on the national highway in Malaysia at night

Takuya is driving. Andoh spreads open a map next to him.

Masako is in the back seat. Beside her, Puto is sleeping peacefully.

Music ends.

117 Off the coast of the Strait of Malacca (Night)

A large ship is proceeding.

The quiet wave front suddenly winds into a vortex and the seawater rises.

From the center, Bagan appears.

Bagan snatches the large vessel in its ferocious claws.

The large vessel is destroyed like a toy.

118 Indian Army Submarine・Inside

A wireless SOS is sent.

Radio staff call for a response. Behind them are the figures of Fukazawa, Somna, Sūn.

Radio staff: “The signal has fallen. It seems it was sunk.”

Fukazawa’s group looks at each other.

Sūn: “Bagan.”

Fukazawa: “It’s off the coast of Malacca… (he looks it up on the map)”

Somna: “Are you planning to come to my country?”

119 Singapore (Morning)

The morning sun embraces the cocoon on the Westin Stanford Hotel, shining brightly.

120 Westin Stanford Hotel front

Four Maser tanks are in place.

The heat ray guns aim at the cocoon.

121 City Hall rooftop

Ramada has a tense look on his face.

122 Malaysia

The jeep runs along Chaoyang. It runs through an overpass crossing the track.

The international train passes under the overpass a little after the jeep.

123 Singapore・City Hall rooftop

Ramada: “Commence the heat ray attack!”

124 Westin Stanford Hotel front

Heat rays are fired all at once from the Maser tanks at the cocoon.

125 Cocoon of Mothra

The area receiving the heat ray attack gradually heats up, eventually a fire rises.

The cocoon burns.

126 City Hall rooftop

Ramada: “Alright! Stop the attack!”

127 Cocoon of Mothra

Only a portion of the surface burns away, exposing the inside.

The heat on the inner surface causes a sharpcrackling.

128 City Hall rooftop

Ramada’s other military superiors —?!They breathe in and watch.

129 Cocoon of Mothra

The cracked parts break down, and from inside, the head of the adult Mothra appears.

Furthermore, giant wings appear from the cocoon.

130 City Hall rooftop

Ramada’s group —!!

131 Mothra

Raising a high-pitched cry, she spreads her wings and soars into the sky.

In the sky, twice, three times, her large wings flutter.

A gust of wind occurs.

132 Westin Stanford Hotel front

The Maser tanks get caught in the gust of wind and crash into a church. The church collapses.

133 City Hall rooftop

Ramada’s group is knocked down by the terrible wind.

134 Running train・In the passenger cars

Minamigaki wakes up and sits up in his seat.

In a bag placed near his feet, the Shobijin sing Mothra’s song.

135 Mothra

As if she could hear the song of the Shobijin, Mothra makes a large turn in the sky and flies northward.

136 City Hall rooftop

Ramada sees off Mothra as she leaves.

Ramada: “(anxiously) Where to now? There is even more evil awakening…”

137 Station near the Thailand・Malaysia border

Andoh, Takuya, Puto, and Masako wait in the hub.

The international train arrives.

Everyone climbs aboard.

138 Mothra flying in the sky

139 International train running

140 Same・In the passenger cars

Puto leads Masako and walks through the aisle. On the camera, the edge of a seat comes into view. They approach it.

Masako stops.

Minamigaki and Masako notice each other. Minamigaki hugs the bag and walks down the aisle.

Masako: “They’re inside the bag, huh?”

Minamigaki: “What is?”

Takuya: “Don’t play dumb.”

Andoh: “Give it back.”

Minamigaki: “This is mine. I have the right to take it.”

Andoh: “Don’t say such stupid things! Minamigaki.”

Minamigaki: “(interrupting) In the 20 years of warmth and prosperity that you were born into, things like rights existed, did they not?!”

Masako: “Of course we do not have such a right. (strongly) In the same way, you have no right.”

Minamigaki: “Don’t be cheeky, lady. Do you understand my feelings? Me, who has been wandering outside the country for 20 years?”

Takuya: “You’re just agitated! It’s over, so let it be.”

Takuya approaches Minamigaki.

Minamigaki pulls a gun out of his pocket and raises it.

Takuya —!He stays in place.

From the seated guests, there is screaming and yelling.

Andoh causes Takuya to fall down.

Minamigaki: “You threw away half of my life. I can’t wait.”

Masako, Andoh, Takuya — all glare.

141 Mothra’s appearance (From the sky)

A train runs between the rocky mountains along the coast facing the Gulf of Thailand.

— Mothra gradually heads towards it.

142 Train・Conductor’s seat

Assistant: “(looks out the window —!!) What, what is that!”

143 Same・In the passenger cars

The figure of Mothra approaches from outside the window.

— A passenger looks out and shouts.

Hearing the voice, everyone in the passenger cars look out the window.

Minamigaki also looks.

In that moment, Takuya kicks Minamigaki’s gun with his feet, and jumps.

In the bag rolling on the floor away from the hands of Minamigaki, the Shobijin flip about, and scream.

144 Mothra

She grazes over the upper windows of the train.

145 Train・In the passenger cars

Window glass cracks due to the tremendous wind pressure.

Screams resonate from the guests.

146 Mothra

U-turns from the mountains to the sea.

She flies over the train again, this time closer than before.

147 Train

Its wheels are momentarily lifted off the rails.

Some of the rear portion is torn away from the coupler and is blown away.

148 Same・Masako’s passenger car

The parts that were not blown out shake in shock. A person falls from their seat, another falls down.

Takuya and Minamigaki are entangled, and knock into people.

Takuya loses his balance and collapses.

Minamigaki picks up the bag and staggers, escaping towards the deck.

149 Same・Conductor’s seat

Assistant: “(to the conductor) If you try that again, it’ll be a mess. Head for the tunnel.”

The conductor nods and speeds up.

150 Focused on the train

A tunnel comes into view in front of the rocky mountains.

151 Mothra

U-turns over the sea.

Begins approaching the train for the third time.

152 Train running at tremendous speed

Rushes into the tunnel.

Immediately after, Mothra grazes over the tracks.

153 Same・Conductor’s seat

Assistant: “(to the conductor) Brake! We’re leaving the tunnel again.”

Conductor: “It’s too short, I can’t stop it.”

Assistant: “That’s the next tunnel. Stop there.”

154 Focused on the train

The tunnel exit approaches. Beyond the exit, the rocky mountains come into view.

However! The mountain tunnel has been blocked!

155 Same・Conductor’s seat

Conductor: “Wh-what! There is no tunnel!”

Urgently brakes.

156 Wheels squeezing brakes

Sparks scatter.

157 Train

Against the huge rocky mountain that blocks the tunnel,thud!

158 Same・Deck

Minamigaki is crushed by the impact into a wall. He raises his voice in a deathly cry. His arm breaks the window.

Inside the bag that rolls on the floor, the Shobijin topple over and over.

159 Same・In the passenger cars

Passengers are knocked down while screaming.

Masako, Takuya hit the floor and the wall and faint.

As Andoh and Puto are tottering up, they are hit into their seats.

Andoh, wondering what happened, takes a look outside the window.

160 Huge rocky mountain opens

What looked like a rocky mountain was actually the foot of a huge monster.

Camera pans up from the leg. With a torso like armor and a ferocious face with a sharp horn — Bagan.

Andoh —!!

Bagan roars. It looks up at the sky. In the sky is Mothra.

161 From the sky

From the first camera, Bagan enters towards Mothra.

Mothra notices Bagan.

162 Mothra vs. Bagan

Bagan fires a light ray from its horn. A direct hit on Mothra’s neck.

Mothra, instinctively letting out a cry, retreats.

Bagan fires more light rays from its horn.

Mothra lifts her body, abdomen — her abdomen becomes keratinized like steel, reflecting the light ray, safeguarding her. Mothra returns to her former posture, wholly spreads her wings, and glides towards Bagan like a glider.

Bagan stands alert, Mothra’s attack comes at it again, this time even stronger, and Bagan loses its footing on the rocky cliffs. Without delay, Mothra flies towards the falling Bagan.

The tail of Bagan bends like a whip and hits Mothra directly.

Mothra staggers greatly in the air.

Bagan roars. Standing up, it shoots a light ray from its horn at Mothra’s back.

Mothra tumbles out of the way of the light ray, and swoops over Bagan’s head, gliding downward.

Bagan points its ferocious horn upward.

Furthermore, it raises both its hands, and prepares to skewer Mothra with its extended sharp claws.

Mothra —!!She makes a sharp turn at the last minute.

The steel-like abdomen of Mothra and the horn and claws of Bagan rub against one another, creating a resonating metallic sound while sparks fly.

Mothra rises sharply.

From the back of Bagan, wings like a bat protrude and spread.

Bagan jumps. It stretches out its hands towards the rising Mothra.

Bagan’s sharp claws capture Mothra’s wings.

Like that, the two monsters fall toward the earth with aboom.

Bagan still has both of Mothra’s wings in its grasp.

Mothra desperately flaps her wings, trying to get away, but Bagan does not let go.

Using all its strength, Bagan forcibly turns Mothra to face it.

Bagan’s wide-open, eerie mouth follows Mothra’s face.

At that moment, Mothra fires a powerful Prism Beam from its compound eyes.

The rays hit Bagan’s oral cavity directly.

Bagan lets out a cry and releases both of Mothra’s wings from its grasp.

At close range, Mothra irradiates the face of Bagan with its Prism Beams.

Bagan staggers.

Mothra spreads her wings and rises.

Enraged, Bagan jumps high. One arm reaches for the tail of Mothra.

Mothra rises.

Bagan floats in the air while grabbing her tail with one arm.

Mothra flies out over the sea.

Over the ocean, Mothra flutters her wings at full power.

She beats gale-force winds towards Bagan, where her tail is still caught.

As expected, Bagan braces itself, but is unable to withstand the tempest and releases its grip.

Bagan crashes into the sea. A huge splash rises.

Over the sea where Bagan sank, Mothra turns.

― F ・ O

163 Thailand・Bangkok・Panoramic view

164 City hospital・Hospital room

Masako wakes up on a bed.

Masako: “(lightly shaking her head) Where am I?”

Andoh is standing next to the bed.

Andoh: “A hospital in Bangkok. Taku is in the next room.”

From behind Andoh, Fukazawa’s face appears.

Fukazawa: “Hey, did it go okay?”

Masako: “(alarmed) Chief!”

Fukazawa: “After chasing Bagan, I came from Nepal all the way to Thailand. (wry smile)”

Masako: “Bagan?”

Andoh: “A monster that doesn’t seem to be of this world that appeared earlier.”

Masako: “(remembering) Where are the Shobijin?”

Andoh: “Still missing at the scene of the accident.”

Masako: “Huh? Then, Mothra…”

Fukazawa: “We don’t know the whereabouts of the girls, while Mothra is still dealing with Bagan, as she’s not moving from over the Gulf of Thailand.”

Puto comes in.

Puto: “(looking at Masako’s face happily) Masako, you, okay?”

Masako smiles and nods.

Andoh: “(to Puto) Taku?”

Puto smiles while giving a thumbs-up.

Masako: “What about Minamigaki?”

Andoh: “He was crushed by the train. We weren’t able to save him.”

Masako: “(In a small voice) I see…”

Andoh: “Still, because it seems that the other two are okay, I’ll return to the hotel. I’ll leave Puto here.”

Masako: “I will go as well. I have to find the Shobijin quickly and return them to Mothra. I can’t sleep in a place like this. (gets up)”

Andoh: “(directed at Masako) For today, you’re a patient.”

Fukazawa: “(nodding) You understand the troubles of a patient who doesn’t listen to their doctor, don’t you?”

Masako nods.

Fukazawa: “I will also be leaving soon… (looking at his watch) I have to head to the airport to welcome our guest from Japan.”

Masako: “Guest from Japan?”

165 Don Mueang International Airport

An airplane lands.

166 Same・Arrival lobby

Miki Saegusa (18) appears.

Fukazawa greets her.

167 Sheraton Hotel・Panoramic view

A 28-story high-rise hotel.

168 Same・A room on the upper floors (Andoh’s room)

Andoh is on the phone.

Andoh: “…If you keep saying that after seeing the real thing, then I’ll decide if there’s a real story… 20 million? (laughs) Aren’t you off a bit? Kanto TV is saying 100 million and that…”

The camera moves to the white basket placed for a pet in the corner of the room by the window.

Inside the white basket — the Shobijin. They have fainted and are sleeping.

169 Chulalongkorn University・Main gate

Fukazawa’s voice rises from the previous scene.

Fukazawa’s voice: “This is Miki Saegusa of the National Mental Sciences Development Center.”

170 Same・Professor of Paleontology Office (Somna’s room)

Fukazawa introduces Miki to Somna and Sūn.

Fukazawa: “She says that when Godzilla appeared in Japan last time, she accurately tracked the position of Godzilla’s spirit under the volcano and in the sea. I think that she can find Bagan’s position in the sea.”

Somna: “(nodding) Let’s take a look at a video with Bagan for now.”

Somna rises, switches on the video monitor.

Video screen — Bagan in Calcutta.

171 Same area・Full view — Sun is rising

172 Same・Professor of Paleontology Office

After watching the video, Fukazawa and the rest are considering their plan.

A map is spread out on the table — the position where Bagan sank is marked in the Gulf of Thailand.

Somna: “Then in the morning, we’ll go.”

Fukazawa: “(wondering) Is that okay?”

Miki’s eyes and expression are distant.

Fukazawa —?

Miki gently closes her eyes.

Fukazawa: “What’s up?”

Miki: “…”

Somna: “(anxiously) What?”

Miki: “Somewhere, there are voices calling… They are calling for help.”

Fukazawa: “Help? To who?”

Miki: “(opens her eyes) Mothra.”

173 Sheraton Hotel・Andoh’s room — Evening

In the basket, the Shobijin are singing out the window — sorrowful singing voice.

Andoh is not in the room.

174 City hospital・Corridor

Masako’s hospital room door opens. Masako, Miki, and Fukazawa emerge from the inside.

Afterward, Takuya and Puto follow.

Everyone walks into the corridor.

Masako: “(to Miki) We’re not far. How long?”

Miki: “(as if touched) It’s close, within 10 to 20 kilometers.”

Takuya: “Then it’s somewhere in the city…”

Masako: “So does that mean Mothra will come to Bangkok?”

Masako and Takuya’s faces match each other.

175 Mothra whirling over the Thai bay as it approaches dusk

—The Shobijin are singing.

176 Bangkok・Department of Defense・Table — Sunset

177 Same・Secretary’s office

Somna explains directly to the Secretary of Defense that Mothra will come to Bangkok. Fukazawa is also a section chief.

Secretary of Defense: “(in disbelief) Mothra to Bangkok?”

Somna: “It is certain. If you don’t respond fast, this town will be just like Singapore — it will cease to exist.”

Secretary of Defense: “How do you know such a thing will happen?”

Somna: “What Mothra is looking for is in this city.”

Secretary of Defense: “What indeed? This is…”

Fukazawa: “We need to discover what we’re looking for quickly.”

178 City of Bangkok・Rama IV Road — Night

Takuya’s car is driving slowly.

179 In the car

Puto sits next to Takuya, while Masako and Miki are in the back seat.

Miki closes her eyes, concentrating with all of her soul.

Miki: “It’s becoming more distant.”

Masako: “(to Takuya) We’ve already been here, turn back.”

Takuya turns the steering wheel.

180 Rama IV Road

The car forcibly makes a U-turn. A horn sounds from the opposite lane.

The car swerves from Rama IV Road onto Phaya Thai Road.

181 In the car

Miki: “We are close.”

182 Phaya Thai Road

A luxury vehicle passes by Masako’s car.

— The figure of Andoh is in that car.

Masako and Andoh do not notice each other.

183 Sheraton Hotel・Front

Takuya’s car comes to a stop.

Miki: “(looking at the building) They’re here.”

Masako comes out of the car and looks up at the hotel in a very telling way.

Takuya, Puto also exit the vehicle. Takuya sees Masako’s face, who looks as if she’s noticed something.

Takuya: “This place, could it be…”

Masako: “That’s right, this is the hotel Andoh’s staying at.”

Takuya: “No way.”

Masako: “Perhaps, there is one answer.”

184 Silom Road・Japanese restaurant

A small parlor style room.

Andoh and Ryuzo Tashiro (45) — a certain trading company’s Bangkok branch manager.

Tashiro presents a check to Andoh that has no amount written on it.

Tashiro: “Please fill in the amount of money. There were instructions from the Tokyo head office.”

Andoh: “(satisfied) Always selling everything from missiles to instant noodles. No way, it’s a trading company.”

Andoh raises his beer glass. Tashiro also takes his glass, a toast.

Tashiro: “(drinking beer) It’s a shame, I haven’t heard anything from the main office yet…”

Andoh: “It’s human.”

Tashiro: “A human! Is it a corpse?”

Andoh: “(peppy) It’s two people.”

Tashiro: “2 people… Am I finally buying and selling humans? Haha… (laughing, not sure if proud or lamenting)”

From outside the window facing the street, a public relations car can be heard repeating a fast-paced announcement in Thai.

Andoh: “What?”

Tashiro: “It’s saying Mothra is heading to Bangkok, and that we have to evacuate the city.”

Andoh: “!…”

185 Air Force base

F-15 Eagle and F-4 Phantom jets scramble, one after another.

186 Pattaya Coast

Ground forces continue to gather.

Anti-aircraft missile Hawks, anti-aircraft cannons, etc. line up along the coastline.

187 Mothra turns towards Bangkok as she flies over the sea at night

188 Ministry of Defense・Large revolving radar

189 Same・Central Command room

The shadow of Mothra is on the radar screen.

Room member: “Mothra is 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. It has an ongoing speed of 960 kilometers per hour.”

The Secretary of Defense is listening nearby.

Secretary of Defense: “(tense) So, it has come?”

190 Dogfight

Mothra is flying over the sea.

A fighter plane formation intercepts. Sidewinders are fired one after another.

Missiles explode on Mothra’s body.

Mothra, raising a high-pitched cry, turns slowly while rising at incredible speed.

Pilot A: “Mothra has risen to an altitude of over 25,000 meters. Impossible to pursue.”

Mothra, now over 25,000 meters in the sky, reverses rapidly. She descends at breakneck speed.

Mothra appears — a fighter plane formation comes closer with awhoosh.

Pilot A: “!! Mothra is approaching rapidly overhead!”

Mothra jolts just above the formation.

— In an instant Mothra makes contact with several aircraft, which crash and explode.

Mothra returns to horizontal flight. Behind her, another crew follows from the south.

Pilot B targets his missiles ahead at Mothra.

The figure of Mothra suddenly slips downward and disappears.

Pilot B: “!! The target has disappeared!”

Behind the formation, Mothra reappears.

Mothra’s compound eyes shine. Prism Beams irradiate the fighter formation rapidly.

Fighter aircraft explode in the air one after another.

191 Pattaya Coast

Mothra comes close above in the sky.

Surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft cannons, etc. begin firing.

Various missiles and munitions strike the body of Mothra.

A rocket bomb leaves black smoke in the air, and the sky is enveloped in heavy smoke.

Mothra, while greatly moving her wings up and down, rushes the ground troops in a low-altitude assault.

Tanks, missiles, anti-aircraft cannons, rocket artillery, etc. are blown away by gusts.

Mothra, now rising higher into the air, heads toward the Bangkok mainland.

192 Bangkok・Sheraton Hotel・Front

People evacuate the streets.

A car stops, and Andoh exits it in a hurry.

Guests are evacuating from the hotel one after another. Andoh passes the guests to enter into the hotel.

193 Same・Room corridor

Exiting the high-rise elevator, Andoh heads to his room down the hall.

There are no customers left to be evacuated.

In front of the room. Andoh takes out his key, but notices the door is already open—?

194 Same・Andoh’s room

Andoh comes in —!!

Masako is sitting in a chair, as if she had been waiting for him to return.

Andoh: “(breathless) Masako…”

A basket is on the table — the Shobijin are inside, looking at Masako and Andoh uneasily.

Masako: “Since when did you join the ranks of scum?”

Andoh: “… (gives a snarky smile)”

Masako: “This is the scum pride you talked about?”

Andoh: “I am different from Minamigaki. I don’t intend to get myself rich with this.”

Masako: “(sarcastically) Were you going to do it for charitable projects?”

Andoh: “(in a fit) I didn’t mean it like that. It’s only that I don’t want anyone to take care of me. It is painful for me to lower my head to someone who gives me money or buys things for me. I only want to make my own documentaries with my own money.”

Masako: “I’m disappointed. You’re that kind of person, aren’t you? No one sees what those kinds of people make.”

Andoh: “How could someone like you understand me?”

Masako: “Minamigaki said something similar. You say that you are different than him, but in the end, you are the same.”

Andoh: “(staring at Masako) …”

The two people remain silent —

195 City of Bangkok

Looking up into the night sky from between buildings, Mothra appears.

196 Mothra’s point of view

The Sheraton Hotel, 28-stories high, towers ahead of the Chao Phraya River.

She approaches with awhoosh.

197 Mothra rams into the Sheraton Hotel

198 Sheraton Hotel・Andoh’s room


The ceiling falls and the room tilts.

Masako holds the basket, and they fall to the floor together.

Andoh also falls. Objects from the ceiling land on his right foot.

He involuntarily frowns.

199 Same・Panoramic view

With the hotel wobbling and shaking, Mothra drops down near the vicinity of the hotel.

Mothra stops in front of the building.

200 Same・Corridor

The ceiling has collapsed. The walls are torn and pillars have fallen.

Takuya is coming.

201 Same・Andoh’s room

Andoh holds onto one leg and cannot stand up — it seems to have broken.

With the basket in her hands, Masako stands, not knowing what to do.

Takuya comes into the room.

Takuya: “Get out, quickly!”

Takuya puts Andoh’s arm around his shoulder.

Andoh stands up while being supported by Takuya.

202 Same・Emergency stairs

Masako with the basket, and Andoh whose body is supported by Takuya, go down the stairs.

Takuya: “The rendezvous point with Mothra was decided to be the Royal Racecourse. Miki and Professor Fukazawa are already waiting there.”

A view outside of the stairwell. Part of the large body of Mothra can be seen through it.

Inside of the basket, the Shobijin look at the Mothra — “Be still,” they wished.

203 Same・Front

Surrounding the hotel, tanks, short-range missiles, anti-aircraft guns are gathered.

Hotel entrance—

Masako appears. The waiting Puto rushes towards her.

Andoh is handed over to a medical team, while Takuya, Masako, Puto, and the Shobijin enter a jeep prepared by the military.

204 Ministry of Defense・Central Command room

The Secretary of Defense is on the phone.

Secretary of Defense: “Currently, a contact operation with Mothra is in progress, so I do not want to agitate Mothra. For now, until further notice do not attack unless instructed.”

The Secretary holds the receiver and talks.

Secretary of Defense: “If possible, I do not want to turn this town into a battlefield. I hope that somehow contact can be made.”

205 Royal Racecourse・Panoramic view

The military jeep comes to a stop, and Masako who is holding the basket gets down.

206 Same・Stands

In the entire venue — there is a vast light floating throughout.

In the vicinity of the center box seat, Fukazawa, Miki, Somna, the other troops and government officials are on standby.

Everyone looks at the Shobijin in the basket, who rise.

Fukazawa: “(to Masako) Quickly, we need to take the two to the landing place of Mothra.”

Takuya receives the basket from Masako,

Takuya: “(referring to the open space out on the course) That is the center of it.”

— And, at that moment, voices say, “Here is fine.”

Masako, everyone —?!They look inside the basket.

The Shobijin look at everyone, smiling.

Shobijin: “Thank you, everyone.”

Masako: “! …You can speak our language?”

Miki: “Language conversion ability.”

Masako: “(to Miki) What is it? This…”

Miki: “They speak in a different language, but to our ears it sounds like our language.”

Takuya: “Psychic powers?”

Miki: “(quietly) Rather, it could be said that it is in an alien language.”

Takuya: “(loudly) Hey! These two are people—!”

Masako shushes Takuya!

The Shobijin speak. (mouths and voices are out-of-sync)

Shobijin: “If we sing a song here, Mothra will come down wherever you want. If you return us, then Mothra will no longer rampage.”

Masako: “(seeming happy) I will return you to the Mothra. I am truly sorry to have done bad by you.”

Shobijin: “(seeming to not be worried) We are fine. But… (it gets darker)”

Masako: “? But?”

Shobijin: “But, Mothra now has to fight Bagan.”

Fukazawa: “What! Bagan?”

Sūn: “Why?”

Shobijin: “On our island, Mothra was the protector of the forest from long ago, and Bagan was the god of darkness.”

Sūn: “God of darkness?”

Shobijin: “When the island was still connected with the continent, Bagan came to our forest where Mothra lived. He burned the forest named “the Himalaya Forest”. In order to protect the forest, Mothra fought against Bagan.”

Masako: “I saw the mural in a cave.”

Shobijin: “(nodding) Then, Bagan was sealed in the Himalayas. Since then, Mothra has been watching over the Earth’s green on that island as the god of the forest, but… (talking becomes difficult)”

Masako: “This time, it was humans who have been steadily destroying the forest.”

Shobijin — nod silently.

Fukazawa: “Deforestation raised the temperature of the earth, once again reawakening Bagan… What a thing to happen.”

Shobijin: “Mothra’s egg hatched because Bagan appeared.”

Sūn: “Would Mothra and Bagan still fight after these hundreds of millions of years?”

Somna: “A foolish man pulled the trigger.”

Miki — feeling something.

207 Off the coast of Thailand

A devilish roar echoes.

Breaking the surface of the sea, Bagan spreads its black wings and takes off into the sky.

208 Royal Racecourse・Square

The Shobijin sing —

From the sky, Mothra spreads her wings and lands gently.

209 Same・Stands

Everyone watches with relief.

The Shobijin stop singing, then turn and smile at everyone from inside the basket,

Shobijin: “Everyone, good-bye!”

They stand, wrapped in a peaceful air.

Takuya picks up the basket and faces Mothra — at that time…

There is a devilish roaring and a dazzling light.

Miki: “Bagan.”

Fukazawa: “Bagan?”

210 Same・Square

On top of Mothra whose wings are spread and has quietly landed, a black mass comes down.

Bagan’s surprise attack!

211 Same・Stand

Everyone —!

212 Same・Square

Bagan rides on the torso of Mothra.

Mothra flutters her wings trying to fly, but her body doesn’t rise.

Bagan’s arms encircle Mothra’s neck. The claws on its feet scrape and crack Mothra’s wings.

Mothra sways her body greatly from left to right, but Bagan does not let go.

With all her power, Mothra raises her tail.

Bagan is hit and falls off, then turns once and beats the ground.

Mothra spreads her wings, flying with great difficulty.

Bagan gets up, then fires a light ray from its horn toward Mothra.

The light ray scorches Mothra’s wing, burning right through it.

Mothra climbs into the air with her wounded wings marked by rays and nails and rises, turning.

213 Same・Stand

Shobijin: “(calling out) Don’t fight anymore, Mothra! You’ve already fought enough!”

Everyone looks at the Shobijin.

Shobijin: “(as if apologetic) Originally, Mothra was born without attack instincts. Going against her normal instincts and becoming aggressive exhausts her life span. In this state, Mothra is—”

214 Same・Square

Mothra rushes towards Bagan, as if not hearing the voices of the Shobijin.

Bagan hits Mothra’s body hard with a sweeping tail attack.

Mothra crashes, decadently, and rolls to the ground.

Bagan triumphantly approaches Mothra, slowly.

215 Same・Stand

Shobijin: “Mothra!”

Masako: “Run away, hurry!”

Takuya: “Fly!”

216 Same・Square

Bagan grabs the torso of Mothra in both hands. Sharp claws dig into her body.

Firmly holding Mothra in both hands, Bagan headbutts.

A fierce horn pierces Mothra — once, twice…

217 Same・Stand

Masako, Miki scream.

The faces of the Shobijin are filled with anguish.

218 Same・Square

Bagan raises its horn further, as if to end it with one more strike.

At that moment, powder rushes from the body of Mothra.


Shobijin —!!


Bagan, now bathed in the powder, is in agony. It releases Mothra reluctantly.

Mothra desperately flutters her wings, and escapes into the sky.

219 Same・Stand

Puto & Takuya: “You did it!”

Masako nods in relief and joy.

Shobijin: “…Mothra is not long for this world. That poison powder is a sign that the end is close for Mothra.”

Masako —!!She looks up at Mothra in the sky.

Takuya: “The end of Mothra?”

Fukazawa: “When Mothra dies, who will be able to defeat that monster?”

The Shobijin sing with tears flowing.

220 Borneo Island

— Thunder.

221 Same・Jungle・Panoramic view

Along with thunder, a flash of light strikes the jungle from the sky.

Again, thunder and a flash.

A part of the jungle begins burning up.

From the burning flame, a white spherical surface appears.

Mothra’s egg!!!

222 Montage

The following scenes will be stacked according the the Shobijin’s song.

・ The Shobijin sing as if praying

・ A flash of light surrounds the egg. The egg cracks and another Mothra Larva appears.

・ The seven men are watching over it

・ The wounded Mothra turns towards the racecourse

・ Mothra Larva emerges from the egg

・ The singing Shobijin

・ Mothra Larva heads from the jungle to the sea.

Advances through the sea towards the continent.

223 Royal Racecourse・Square

Mothra is circling in the sky.

— Music ends.

Bagan fires a light ray from its horn.

Avoiding the beam, Mothra goes behind Bagan whose movements have been slowed.

Mothra, holding its six legs out firmly, rams into Bagan from behind.

At the moment of the collision, Mothra’s feet catch the wings of Bagan tightly.

Bagan’s feet float off the ground.

Mothra lifts Bagan and flies.

Even though Bagan flails its limbs, it cannot match Mothra’s end-of-life power.

224 Same・Stand

Everyone looks up.

With the Bagan hanging from Mothra, they fly towards the sea.

Masako: “I wonder where it’s going.”

Shobijin: “It’s the sea. Another Mothra should be heading towards the sea.”

Masako: “Another one?”

Shobijin: “(nodding) A newborn Mothra.”

225 The larva of Mothra going off to sea

A small island is coming into view.

And in the sky beyond that —

With Bagan hanging from it, Mothra flies slowly.

226 From the sky

One camera focuses on Mothra and Bagan as they move to the front of the screen.

The island can be seen below. It goes from the island to the sandy beach, and then to the sea. The Mothra Larva can be seen approaching the island.

227 On the island coast

Mothra releases Bagan.

Splash. Bagan slams into the coast.

Mothra Larva heads toward Bagan.

Bagan gets up. It fires a light ray from its horn at the approaching Mothra Larva.

The light ray hits the Mothra Larva directly.

Bagan fires more rays at the Mothra Larva in quick succession.

The Mothra Larva cannot help but jump up.

Mothra approaches Bagan from the sky. She fires Prism Beams from her eyes.

Bagan roars. Ascends.

Mothra shoots a thorough ray attack.

Bagan staggers and falls.

However, the Prism Beams of Mothra gradually become weaker and finally disappear —

Mothra is debilitated.

The Mothra Larva spits thread while moving to the fallen Bagan.

The upper body of Bagan, arms are bathed in the silk, and are gradually wrapped in white.

Bagan rises.

It tries to extend its arms to the Mothra Larva who has moved in close, but the silk sticks and Bagan’s arms do not come free.

Bagan roars. Mothra Larva suffers a heavy kick from Bagan’s feet.

The Mothra Larva is blown away all the way out to the sea.

228 Watching from a helicopter

Bagan is standing on the coast. Mothra Larva is kicked into the sea.

Mothra is flying in the sky overhead.

229 Inside the large helicopter

Masako, Fukazawa, Takuya, Puto, Miki, and the Shobijin in the basket.

Masako: “The Mothra Larva is…”

230 Two large helicopters landing on the island

231 On the island coast

Mothra approaches Bagan from the sky — her speed has dropped considerably.

Bagan begins a light ray attack.

Mothra, with wings burning, flies up to Bagan. She showers her poison powder.

Bagan staggers.

From above Bagan, Mothra continues to relentlessly scatter the poison powder.

232 A hill overlooking the coast

Masako, who is now off the helicopter, comes over.

Takuya: “So much poison powder.”

Masako: “It feels like she’s giving up her life…”

Shobijin: “Mothra knows that her life is gone.”

233 Off the coast

Bagan continues to try freeing its immobile arms as it chases after Mothra.

Mothra retreats towards the sea.

Bagan enters the sea.

Mothra Larva dives underwater. It spits thread towards the legs of Bagan while beneath the water.

And in that moment, the thread catches Bagan’s feet.

Bagan falls.

Mothra Larva emerges. It approaches the fallen Bagan.

Mothra also approaches Bagan from the sky.

The Mothra Larva spits more starch silk over Bagan’s body.

Mothra also attacks, using the last of her poison powder.

Bagan, while suffering, has its face, horn wrapped in a white cocoon.

With a raised roar, Bagan, who had been stumbling, soon becomes quiet and does not move.

Its wings which had also been moving until the end have also stopped.

234 Hill

Everyone cheers, they look at the spectacle in front of them with excitement and exhilaration.

235 On the beach

Mothra grips the still form of Bagan wrapped in the white cocoon with her feet, lifts it up slowly and flies out to sea.

236 Hill

Masako: “Mothra and Bagan…”

Fukazawa: “Now, it will be sealed in the bottom of the ocean.”

Shobijin: “It is Mothra’s last act.”

237 Off the coast of Thailand・South China Sea

The sea surface of Chaoyang is shining and sparking.

There is a long silhouette —

Mothra comes flying, carrying Bagan.

Mothra releases Bagan.

A large water column rises on the surface of the sea.

As if to watch the end of Bagan, Mothra circles several times over the spot and breathes her last.

Mothra falls to the water’s surface as if dancing.

238 Coast of the island・Morning

Mothra Larva is waiting on the beach.

The Shobijin who have left the basket are standing and smiling, with Mothra behind them.

Everyone sees them off.

Masako: “This time, it is truly farewell.”

Shobijin: “Good-bye, everyone!”

Fukazawa: “Be safe on your way home.”

Shobijin: “(nodding) We have one last wish for everyone.”

Masako and the rest —?

Shobijin: “Please do not awaken Bagan again. Our… Our Mothra bet her life and confined it in the sea. Please, do not waste Mothra’s death.”

Masako: “(tightening) I understand. Although we may not be able to change things by ourselves, I will do so always.”

Fukazawa: “(nodding) I promise.”

Shobijin: “(looking happy) Thank you. Then…”

The Shobijin run to Mothra.

Fukazawa: “Make an empty vow, misconstrue your prayer, in other words,Bagan, it will overtake your path…”

Masako: “Director, what is it? This…”

Fukazawa: “The “Wen xuan“, you don’t know it, do you? You, don’t worry about it.”

Sūn, Somna laugh.

Everyone lined up on the beach watch Mothra as she heads out to sea.

239 Borneo Island・Outside of Puto’s town

Looking from the helicopter – Puto and the priest shake hands, and slowly walk away.

240 Helicopter going over the sea

It hovers and stops.

241 Same・Inside

Masako, Andoh, Takuya are on board.

The three people look outside.

On the sea — Mothra’s dead body is floating in the sea.

Masako: “We have polluted our planet and awakened Bagan… I’m sorry.”

Masako throws down a bouquet.

Beside her, Andoh tears apart the check he received and throws it away.

The broken pieces are tossed outside.

Masako: “What? That…”

Andoh: “It’s nothing. (to Takuya) You got an 8 mm video camera, right?”

Takuya: “Yes.”

Andoh: “Turn it. It’s the new first scene.”

Takuya —??He takes the video camera out and points it down.

Masako glances at Andoh.

Ending theme plays.

242 Over the sea (Overhead view)

Mothra drifts over the waves on spread, vivid wings —

The helicopter begins moving, out of frame.

Staff and casting title rolls.

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