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“What? You want to see Zhou Bao. Now?”

Yan Yuntian was very upset when he saw the three angry practitioners standing before him.

Ordinary people would not have dared to talk to him in such a direct way, much less demand to see Zhou Bao. However, the three people in front of him were not just any ordinary persons. One of them had a cultivation of Immortal phase. The other two were both Human Immortals with the skill of Gathering of Essence, Qi and Spirit in Acupoint and the Five Qis Collecting in Mind. Yan Yuntian could not afford to offend any of them, especially the influence behind them which was the Evil Alliance.

It was not as strong as the Holy Alliance in the Void Universe but was still a top influence.

This so-called Devil was different from the Evil Dark Sect, but had a close connection with the Devil Tribe. In contrast, the Evil Way had nothing to do with the Dark Sect. Their practice was the same as the way for the human practitioner. They were just arrogant and unreasonable. In short, their alliance was made up of a group of practitioners. Therefore, they did not have a good relationship with the Holy Alliance. However, they had great powers and they were aggressive. Nobody dared to mess around with them.

“Zhou Bao is in a closed-door training now. I think you know his position in our Heaven Realm World. Although I’m the Human Emperor, I’m unable to let him exit from his training!”

“It doesn’t matter. We will wait for him to come out from his training then!” There was a cold smile on the leader’s face. “You should know that we are here in all sincerity, that is why we informed you prior to our coming!”

“Meaning?” Yan Yuntian felt very stressed and a bad feeling seeped into his heart.

“As it is, Your Majesty, just forget it. Perhaps Heaven Realm World will be under your control soon. By then, don’t forget to thank us!”

Yan Yuntian felt the corners of his eyes twitching after they disappeared before his eyes. However, he could do nothing to stop them. After all, he was not a match for one Immortal and two Human Immortals.

“There’ll be trouble soon!” he thought and there was a sudden change in his expression. He instantly shouted, “Hurry up! Invite Chief Wang She, to the Human Emperor Palace!”

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His fretful voice echoed in the Human Emperor Palace sounding as if he was expecting endless problems.

The problem had arrived.

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Wuyang Region in Jin was a prosperous place.

With Zhou Bao as a backer and together with his capable subordinates, it was not hard to make a small territory thrive.

It was not a large area. Zhou Bao also did not have any great expectations for his territory. Anyway, Heaven Realm World belonged to Fate Creation Boy, not him. It was of no use to him even if he gained the whole of Jin. Besides, he already owned a macro world, so it was unnecessary to covet this troublesome Heaven Realm World.

Indeed, Heaven Realm World was filled with problems, which made Zhou Bao want to leave. However, he had a deep affection for Heaven Realm World, so he could not leave immediately. Moreover, his Azure Big World was big, he could not really control it as there were many evil beasts and only very few people. For these reasons, he did not attach great importance to Wuyang Region. Therefore, his territory developed but did not expand. Some lords around the area came to him because he was a helpful backer. Zhou Bao naturally entertained them.

“It’s a fine day!”

Standing before King Wuyuan Palace gate, Chen VII slowly stretched and then straightened up.

He was a solider in charge of protecting the palace. He did not have a high position and was merely in charge of guarding the gate. It was a big responsibility. However, he knew that he and his companions were merely ornamental pieces only.

These soldiers had a Level Four strength and were regarded as masters of martial arts. Did the palace really need their protection?

In fact, their responsibilities were to report to the master and make money.

However, they did not report to King Wuyang Zhou Bao directly, but to a supervisor in the palace instead. Those who came to Wuyang Region to visit Zhou Bao never passed through the gate, so the soldiers did not have a chance to do so.

Therefore, they had a relatively easy life. After stretching, they were astonished at the sight of the three men who appeared suddenly.

The trio were well-dressed and revealed a formidable Qi Power. In Wuyang Region even though there were lots of talents, he had never seen someone whose Qi Power exceeded theirs. What was more alarming was that even though Chen VII was a Level Five expert, he had been caught unawares by their appearance. What did it show? It showed that the three of them were genuine experts. Besides, they came to King Wuyuan Palace to look for someone. Judging from his experience, they had come to look for several of His Royal Highness’ favorite subordinates. Hence, he was instantly very respectful.

“I’m Chen VII. Please accept my respects, Your Excellencies!”

“Eh? A funny guy. Thank you!” The lead magnificently dressed man was surprised when he saw how polite Chen VII was.

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“Please tell me which of His Excellencies are you visiting? I will inform my superior!”

“That’s not necessary. We will just go directly to the person we want to meet. You’re lucky because we are sparing your life!”

“Ah?” Chen VII was confounded for a second. Before he could respond, he felt a cold breeze brush by him and totally lost consciousness.

“Big Brother. He’s only a commoner. Just kill him. Why are you so merciful?” The younger Human Immortal asked when he saw the man in the magnificent garment sparing Chen VII’s life.

“Shut up! You’ve practiced for many years. Don’t you understand that Evil Practitioners are limited by karma if we kill others out of our own will? This commoner has nothing to do with us. Why should I kill him?”

Indeed, there were essential differences between the Evil Practitioner and the Devil Practitioner.

The Devil Practitioner did not pay attention to the karma because they were influenced by the Devil Tribe. However, the Evil Practitioner acted in a contrary manner. They had no qualms about killing a vast number of people in order to practice an insidious way, but they also dared not crush an ant if it was considered as going against the influence of the karma.

To some extent, the Evil Practitioner themselves were extremely self-contradictory individuals.

After undergoing renovation in the past years, King Wuyuan Palace was connected to Sea-calming Palace. There were many gates. The gate here was built when Wuyang Region Mansion was first constructed and was still in use.

Some had questions about this gate.

It was the Lord Mansion and Zhou Bao had a high status. Why was there only one person guarding the gate?

To the ordinary people, it was not easy to figure out the reason. However, it seemed very normal in Wuyang Region.

Wuyang Region did not need common people as its guards. These soldiers were just servants on duty. Neither Zhou Bao or Yan Yunfei liked to show off. Consequently, only one guard stood at each gate for the Lord Mansion here.

One guard per gate did not mean that there was no security in King Wuyuan Palace. In fact, it was the most secure place in Heaven Realm World and was even better than several strong sects. He had integrated Sea-calming Palace, King Wuyuan Palace and the whole Jilei Mountain with the Yin and Yang Dust Formation.

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It was the real Yin and Yang Dust Formation.

Based on Zhou Bao’s current strength, he could set up a Yin and Yang Dust Formation. Due to the lack of elements, he could not completely wield the entire power of this mysterious formation. Nevertheless, he could wield about 50% of its powers.

50% of power should not be belittled. If the power of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation was totally released, the Earthly Immortal could be killed. 50% power would not kill them but could tire them out for a while. Among the three persons, the most powerful one only had a cultivation at the Immortal phase. They rashly broke into the mansion. How could they avoid suffering a loss? The reality of it was that they never predicted that they would suffer a loss.

“Big Brother, there is something strange here. We seem to have encountered a formation!”

At King Wuyuan Palace, the most irritable Human Immortal among them had a grumpy expression. King Wuyuan Palace looked like any normal palace. But the odd thing was that they could not feel any creature spirits at all in the palace. Apparently, there was something strange going on here.

“It seems there’s a formation. It’s the Yin and Yang Dust Formation which destroyed Holy Alliance’s fleet. Shi Jian, have a try. See whether you can break it up!”

“Yes. Big Brother!” Shi Jian, as a Human Immortal, did not talk much. He raised his hands and a black axe emerged.

It was a sheer black metal axe. Following Shi Jian’s movement, the Dharma power inside his body started flowing. Golden talismans slowly rose from the axe. Then, the axe sliced through the air as if it could crack the space.

Actually, it should have been able to slice through the air because of its high level. It was a Taihao Fairy Weapon, so it was equal to the North Pole Frozen Wheel in terms of strength. This axe was very strong. It seemed to be powerful enough to destroy everything in its path. This strike crushed the surrounding space.

“Hurry up! Get out!”

Outside the ripped space, some faint figures could be seen. Pavilions loomed. When they saw the scene, they rushed out at once without any consideration for their safety.


Everything around them vanished. When they stopped, their faces were pallid with fear. The surroundings were just the same as before. They saw the same yard, same road, same Pond, same rockery and running water. Nothing seemed different, as if the axe in Shi Jian’s hands had just not been wielded at all.

At this moment, a giant hand suddenly appeared and extended towards their heads.

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