CHAPTER 14: THE ONLY WAY -- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 2 (2023)

CHAPTER 14: THE ONLY WAY -- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 2 (1)

SUMMARY:After the Council makes a disheartening request, Obi-Wan suddenly realizes the path he must take. The time has come to accept his trajectory, but can he protect Anakin at the same time?

I’m back from my trip and soooo excited to finish up posting this story. These last three chapters are fun (at least in my opinion). I hope you enjoy :)


CHAPTER 14: The Only Way

Coruscant – Jedi Temple

The Council members were in an uproar after Yoda announced his findings. The Grand Master had returned to his seat as Anakin helped Obi-Wan to his feet. Kenobi wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his hand, inadvertently smearing it across his cheek. Anakin continued supporting him until he had the strength to stand on his own. They stood together in the center of the room while all the Councilors talked over each other.

“Sidious may know everything by now.”

“How long has Kenobi been a risk?”

“We must find a way to stop the Sith.”

“Why didn’t Obi-Wan come to us sooner?”

“The very future of the Jedi is in danger.”

“There has to be a way to remove the parasite.”

As comments flew around the room, Obi-Wan’s thoughts were already well beyond these initial concerns. He was looking at the bigger implications. Yoda, the wisest and most powerful Force wielder among the Jedi, had not been able to save Kenobi. There was no way to cast out the creature rooted in his consciousness; his only real option was to turn to the Dark Side or die. As he observed the Grand Master’s eyes, he knew the ancient Jedi had reached the same conclusion. Obi-Wan watched as Yoda leaned over and spoke quietly to Mace Windu. Finally, the Grand Master held up his hand to silence the room; Kenobi already knew what Yoda was going to say.

“True that Obi-Wan’s condition leaves us vulnerable,” the Grand Master spoke steadily. “He has information vital to the Jedi, the Senate, and the Republic in general. However, a rare opportunity we now have.”

Obi-Wan felt Anakin bristle. He suspected Skywalker also knew what was coming.

“If Master Kenobi agrees, an undercover agent he could become. Discover the true identity of Darth Sidious he could.”

Despite anticipating this conclusion, Obi-Wan still felt disappointed that Yoda would ask so much of him. After everything he had been through he had hoped the Council would help him rather than take advantage of him one last time.

“A mission like that would be deadly,” Master Mundi said warily. “Kenobi would have to be entirely convincing.”

“No way is there for him to fool the Sith,” Yoda said shaking his head.

“You’re saying he would have to turn completely before joining the Sith ranks?” Plo Koon asked.

“This is insane,” Anakin interrupted. “If Obi-Wan turns and becomes a Sith, he’ll never be able to turn back. No Sith has ever returned to the light side. It sounds like you want to send him on a suicide mission.”

CHAPTER 14: THE ONLY WAY -- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 2 (2)

The Council fell silent as Skywalker’s words rang through the chamber. He always seemed to be the last to understand. His eyes narrowed as he realized Yoda’s implications. “You believe there is no hope, there’s nothing you can do.” Anakin looked around the room but no one responded. “You’re sending him to his death.” He looked at Obi-Wan who had remained silent thus far. “Master, you can’t let them do this to you.”

All eyes turned to Kenobi.

“What say you, Obi-Wan?” Yoda prompted.

A chill ran through Kenobi’s body. The Jedi’s combined energy in one room was starting to make him feel sick. They all suddenly looked disgusting to him. “You flatter me with such an offer,” he said sarcastically. “But I think I must refuse.”

“Why?” Windu snapped.

Kenobi arched a brow, amused by the man’s anger. “Would you like to know the real reason or the Jedi reason?”

“The truth, of course.”

Obi-Wan ignored Mace and looked instead at Yoda. “Because I want to turn. I want revenge for Satine. I want Maul and Savage Opress dead. I want Death Watch to burn. For this very reason, I should not accept this mission.”

The room fell into an icy silence.

Many minutes passed before Yoda spoke. “The fact that you recognize this about yourself is a testament to your strengths as a Jedi.” He looked tired and disappointed. “Deliberate the Council must. Please leave us while we discuss what is to be done. Take into consideration your concerns we will, Obi-Wan.”

The Council demanded that Skywalker remain with Kenobi at all times until further notice. Then the young men were dismissed.

For the first time in his life, Obi-Wan Kenobi walked away from the Jedi Council without bowing in respect. He simply turned on his heel and strode out the chamber doors with Anakin running to keep up.


Obi-Wan and Anakin moved quickly through the Temple corridors.

“I can’t believe the Council would do this to you,” Skywalker fumed.

Kenobi was so deep in thought he hardly registered his friend’s presence. If the Council was going to sacrifice him to the Sith, he might as well do it on his own terms. “Their suggestion was fairly in keeping with their usual behavior.”

“You mean how they take advantage of you? Yeah, no kidding.” Anakin’s eyes had grown dark and angry. “You do know what they’re going to decide don’t you?”

“Of course. They’ll decide in favor of the mission, just like they always do.”

“They cannot be trusted, Master.”

“Perhaps the mission is the only way…”

Anakin grabbed him by the elbow and violently swung him around. “What are you talking about?”

“This is something I cannot run from.”

“I’m not saying you should run, but you can’t turn to the Sith. You can’t let the Council send you down this path. It isn’t right.”

Oh, Anakin. Always so impassioned and stubborn. Obi-Wan loved him for it. He smiled sadly. “You know, you haven’t changed that much since you were a boy.”

Skywalker bashfully closed his mouth as his steely gaze softened. He suddenly felt like a Padawan again, standing next to a man he did not fully understand, a man who cared for him in a somewhat cool, aloof manner, a man who showed him absolute devotion and loyalty. “I just want you safe,” he said quietly. “I want to stop this before it gets out of control.”

Obi-Wan placed both his hands on Anakin’s shoulders. “My friend, it is already well out of control. But I know now what I must do, and I’ll need your help to get started.”

Skywalker perked up. “Anything,” he said eagerly. “I’ll do anything.”

Kenobi knew he had to get Anakin as far away from him as he could. He did not know what would happen when he turned himself over to the Sith, but he certainly did not want his Padawan there to witness it; he loved Anakin too much to let him be in such danger. If the Sith decided to test Obi-Wan’s loyalty, he did not want fighting his best friend to be his first trial.

“I need to go back to my quarters. There are some items I need to collect. But I need you to keep an eye on the Council and head them off if they come looking for me. Try and stall them anyway you can.”

Anakin nodded. “OK, no problem. How long do you need?”

“At least thirty to forty-five minutes. They should be in deliberations for quiet some time, but you never know. They could finish at any moment.”

“Where should I meet you?”

“Don’t worry about that. When I’m finished I’ll come find you.” He looked in his Padawan’s eyes one last time and squeezed his shoulders. “May the Force be with you, Anakin.”

Skywalker smiled. “And with you, Obi-Wan.”


Obi-Wan climbed over the debris and shattered glass without a second thought. He used brute force to blast his way into the bedroom. Part of the ceiling had come down leaving a crumbled pile of duracrete scattered across the floor. Kenobi knelt next to the bed and called the hidden holocron into his hands. He opened the vessel quickly, releasing the lavender lady once again.

CHAPTER 14: THE ONLY WAY -- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 2 (3)

She hovered before him staring into his yellow and red eyes. “You have seen the truth,” she said quietly.

“Please,” he pleaded. “There has to be a way to remove it.” His practiced control was dissolving quickly as he became more and more frantic. “There has to be a way to get this thing out of my head.”

“Not without causing great harm to yourself. If you were to rip the bond free, it may kill you, especially now while the connection is so strong.”

“Then I must kill him,” Kenobi said fiercely, his eyes blazing.

“The Dark Lord can listen to your thoughts, Obi-Wan. He would never let you get close enough to try it. Your assassination attempt would have to be a surprise even to you. The Sith would make sure you failed before you even began.”

He lowered his head dejectedly. “So there really is no other choice.”

“I’m afraid not.”

Obi-Wan’s thoughts suddenly drifted to Satine. What would she want him to do? She always inspired him to stay true to himself. But if he could bring down Sidious, if he could break the Sith and bring peace, that would be a cause worth dying for. Peace was Satine’s deepest passion. If he could at least try, he would honor her memory.

“I will have to be convincing,” he said quietly.

“You will indeed.”

“I must go now, before the Council requires it. I must offer myself up so that the Sith knows I am willing and not just being forced.”

“Yes, Obi-Wan.” The smoky lady bobbed in front of him. “You are ready.”

He felt peace in his heart. It would be the hardest thing he ever did, the most morally corrupt mission he would ever take, and he would most likely not live to see the end, but at least he finally knew exactly what he would be fighting for. He would go after Sidious, no matter what the cost. If the Sith could be stopped, the war could end; whether or not he lived, it would be a noble undertaking.

Obi-Wan looked at the apparition floating before him. She had a distinct, beautiful face and he realized with a pang that she had once been an individual, a person with a life and a home. “I’ve been so selfish,” he said. “I’ve never even asked your name.”

She looked startled for a moment, as though she had not expected anyone to ever ask her that again. “I descend from an ancient family line, from the house of Castor.”

His eyes widened. “I’ve heard of the Castors. They’re a noble family on the planet Tyndari.”

“I am Alhena, daughter of Leda, the prophetess and queen.”

Obi-Wan bowed his head respectfully. “It is an honor to be in your presence, my lady.”

“Likewise, Master Kenobi.” She knelt before him. “I have one more thing to offer you, but you must promise to set me free. I beg you, destroy the kyber crystal that imprisons me so that I may finally join the Force.”

“I swear, as my last act as a Jedi, I will free you.” It was the least he could do after all the guidance she had given him.

“Very well.” She moved her hands in a series of patterns and conjured up a star map that floated between them like a hologram. “Here, on the planet Auriga, you will find a holy city that has been abandoned for centuries. The Temple of the Priestesses is located along the citadel’s western perimeter. There are rooms inside that can protect you, Obi-Wan. You can take refuge from your master in the inner sanctuary. He will not be able to reach you while you are within its walls.”

Kenobi’s eyes had grown wide as she spoke. “So there is hope, a chance for relief?”

“There is always hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Banish the word ‘impossible’ from your life. Open your heart to all possibilities.”

“I’ll do my best,” he said quietly.

“Good luck, Master Jedi,” she said bowing. “I will always remember your kindness.”

“I’m truly indebted to you. Thank you for everything, Lady Alhena.” He closed his eyes and focused on the holocron, reaching out with the Force and plucking the kyber crystal from the box’s center. He was not quite sure how to destroy such a powerful thing, but he trusted the Force would show him the way. Obi-Wan felt its energy tingling around him, vibrating in his fingertips. The kyber’s power rolled up his arms; he could grasp it like a tangible thing. He wrapped his Force around the crystal, pulling in and out at the same time. The kyber popped, snapping like a small flare, emitting one tiny spark before its light faded. Kenobi barely acknowledged how underwhelming the reaction had been when the repercussion blasted through the room. He was thrown backwards across the rubble, his body slamming into a wall, shattering the duracrete on impact. The existing ceiling collapsed as all the remaining windows blew out.

When the dust finally settled, Alhena, the crystal, and the holocron had vanished.


Anakin sensed a strange ripple in the Force. Something was happening; an unusual power was being released. He stood still, reaching out with his feelings, searching the Temple. An image of Obi-Wan suddenly appeared in his mind, the moment where Kenobi had placed his hands on Anakin’s shoulders.

What did he say? Skywalker tried to remember. Something about it had struck him as odd. ‘When I’m finished I’ll come find you.’

Anakin’s eyes shot open.

Obi-Wan had been lying.

Why would he lie to me? The young man’s heart dropped. His master hardly ever lied. He had assumed they were going to fight this battle together, but now he worried that Kenobi was trying to leave him behind.

Skywalker made up his mind and raced off in the direction of the temple hangar, letting his keen instincts guide him. He had a feeling his master was going to run, avoid the Council’s judgment, and abandon Anakin. With any luck he would get to the hangar bay before Kenobi.


Now that all the windows in Obi-Wan’s quarters were gone, wind violently whipped through the rooms sending up dust plumes. He knelt in the middle of his living area, right in the chaotic center, and stared out at the twinkling Coruscant traffic. How had his life come to this, he wondered. As a boy, traveling the galaxy with Qui-Gon, he would never have guessed things would turn out this way. He had been so idealistic, always sure that the Jedi were righteous, never questioning anything in the Code. The Clone Wars had taken a heavy toll on him, chipping away at his beliefs one mission at a time until one day the final column of faith shattered.

CHAPTER 14: THE ONLY WAY -- The Dark Side of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Part 2 (4)

Remember, Obi-Wan, I’ve loved you always. I always will.

Evoking Satine’s final words made Kenobi’s chest tighten. Her death had been the breaking point. Would he ever find closure? Would he ever accept what happened to his love? “I’m so sorry, Satine,” he whispered. He closed his eyes, reaching out to her energy, searching for her in the Force. “You will hate what I am about to do.” He sensed her aura appear before him but he kept his eyes shut. “Please, my love, remember me as I was.” He could feel her right in front of him. “Remember the man that swore an oath to you, the man who would die for you. Remember the Jedi who fought by your side.” Her hands cupped his face but still he would not open his eyes. “I love you,” he whispered. “But please don’t follow me where I’m about to go.”

Obi-Wan blocked out everything, all the noise and destruction, all his anxiety and fear, even Satine’s presence. He began reaching deep inside himself, going directly to the spot where the Sith was latched onto his consciousness. How many times had he entered his inner Force sanctuary and not seen this horrible creature? He realized now that he had willfully been ignoring it; he had sensed something was there, seen it out of the corner of his eye, but he always kept his back turned to it. Obi-Wan had hoped that if he did not acknowledge the monster, it would simply give up and disappear. He had been too afraid to face the truth.

There, in his mind’s darkest corner, he found the cloaked figure, its boney fingers beckoning him forward while its molten eyes glowed. Trembling, he knelt at its feet and bowed his head.

“Master,” he nearly choked on the word, “I’m ready.”

Finally, my boy, the icy voice cackled in his head. Your anger is palpable. You must come to me at once.

Images flashed through Kenobi’s mind; he saw Coruscant’s industrial sector, a large landing pad near a tall, buttressed tower, and a massive pair of doors leading to a dark interior chamber. He saw the exact route he would have to fly; it would not take him long to get there. And when he arrived, he knew his new master would be waiting for him.


NEXT CHAPTER:Obi-Wan must be cruel to be kind.


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