30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (2023)

Halloween is the season for everything spooky. It is the time for houses to be decorated with carved pumpkins, bats, spiders and ghosts, some of which look fun and friendly, others plainly scary.

Lights are very important in any decoration or scene, as they can totally change one’s perception of one moment or piece. This is especially true on Halloween because let’s face it – everything is much scarier in the dark.

Creating some fun mood lighting will definitely enhance your Halloween decoration indoors as well as outdoors. But while fairy lights or simple lanterns may do just fine, this season requires you to be a lot more inventive. If your imagination is lacking, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a great collection of DIY Spooky Halloween Lights.

DIY Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (1)

Turn your typical fairy lights into a cute haunting with Ping Pong balls, sharpie and netting. The glow-in-the-dark ghosts will look awesome flying in your backyard, front porch or even inside. via unoriginalmom

Illuminated Halloween Pumpkin Arch

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (2)

Why have only one Jack-O-Lantern when you can have tens of them at once? This entry archway is made of several fake carved pumpkins, all of which glow from the inside, as they should. via crazicarlos

DIY Light Brites Illuminated Jack-o-lantern with a Night Light Inside

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (3)

Here’s another take on a different Jack-O-Lantern. Instead of being carved and glowing from the inside, this one is fully perforated and illuminated from the outside with Light Brites, which were stuck in each of the holes. And the result is fantastic! via giverslog

DIY Illuminated Ghost Garland

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (4)

This little light garland is more cute than spooky, with all the small cloth ghosts and their glowing heads hanging down from the string. via tarynwhiteaker

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (5)

These witch hats luminaries, which glow from within, are a truly spooky yet elegant Halloween decoration. Making them is a matter of installing LED lights inside witch hats and hanging them from the ceiling, so it’s not very complicated at all. via polkadotchair

Easy Black And White Halloween Topiary

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (6)

(Video) Spooktacular Halloween ideas from household items!

This black and white pumpkin topiary will give your plants an eerie glow on All Hallow’s Eve. Making it may be a balancing challenge, but otherwise it shouldn’t be too hard at all. via tatertotsandjello

Halloween Luminary Bags

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (7)

These luminary bags are Jack-O-Lanterns without being pumpkins. All you need to do if you want to add some to your garden is make the cut outsinto paper bags and then stuff them with LED lights. via thecountrychiccottage

DIY Glowing Skeleton Hands

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (8)

Glowing skeleton hands are much easier to make than you would expect. All you need to do is take some white latex gloves, sketch all the bones in with a sharpie and then place your lights inside, so that they may spook passersby in the night. via tarynwilliford

Halloween Carved Orange Light

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (9)

How do you make a small tabletop Jack-O-Lantern? Carve out an orange instead of a pumpkin and place your lights inside before setting it all up on tables for your Halloween parties and dinners. via rebeccasdiy

Creepy Spider Egg Sac

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (10)

These spider egg sacks are definitely creepy, especially when placed under a lantern like you see in the picture. They are, in fact, just stuffed sacks with fake spiders glued to the outside so that they look like they are crawling up. via thetiptoefairy

$1 Pumpkin Porch Light Cover

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (11)

Would you like to give your porch light a Halloween makeover? This is the way to go, especially seeing as making this plastic pumpkin cover will only set you back $1. via pinterest

Orange and Purple Tree Halloween Lights

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (12)

Fairy lights have long transcended Christmas, and they are now deemed appropriate for nearly every occasion. Find some in orange, red and purple, then hang them around trees, lampposts or smaller plants to create some Halloween appropriate lighting. via homedit

DIY Spooky Door Greeter

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (13)

(Video) SPOOKY HALLOWEEN DIY IDEAS || Last Minute Halloween Costumes And Crafts by 123 GO!

Greet your Halloween guests in spooky style with this little but frightening floating ghost. You will need some cheesecloth and chicken wire to create the shape, which is illuminated from the inside with glow sticks.

Floating Candles Light Ceiling

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (14)

Spooky as they may seem, these floating candles give an enchanted glow to the room. Use toilet roll holders and tea lights to create this effect instead of trying to hang real candles from the ceiling. via harrypotterpartyideas

DIY Water Hands Using Glow Sticks And Latex Gloves

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (15)

Creepy ghost hands are always a must on any Halloween yard. They are, in fact, just slightly inflated latex gloves with glow sticks inside them to provide that creepy, ghostly light. These are easy to do and the result turns out fantastic. via flickr

DIY Packing Tape Ghost

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (16)

These clear packing tape ghosts are pretty impressive because the clear plastic really allows them to glow in a creepy, haunted way. You will need an excessive amount of tape, a human form model and some kind of light source in order to complete this project. via makezine

Light Up Fairy Garden Dress Tutorial

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (17)

Now this project can be a decoration or costume. In fact, you could wear it one year and display it the other. Add some grass – or grass-looking material – to the hem of a sweet formal gown and then sew some fairy lights along the area to create a really enchanted fairy dress. via adesignerlife

DIY Ping Pong Ball Halloween Tea Lights

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (18)

Ping-pong ball ghosts or pumpkins are always easy to make and really effective. Open a hole in the balls to put your light inside, then draw the features with a sharpie. It works best if your LED lights are orange and have a stand. via pagingfunmums

Spooky Halloween Window

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (19)

Here’s another really easy way to show your Halloween spirit to the whole neighborhood. Cut out some black shapes and secure them on the window, then turn on an orange light inside or use orange drapes to create this spooky scene. via homeseasons

DIY Glowing Stairs

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (20)

(Video) Cool And Scary HALLOWEEN DIY Ideas And Pranks You Can't Miss

This is a great and safe spooky project to attempt on Halloween night, as it uses household items almost exclusively. Mix powder laundry detergent with water and splash it on the front stairs, so that they glow once your porch lights are on. via thekrazycouponlady

DIY Witch Mason Jars

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (21)

Making these witch mason jar lanterns is really simple, as they are plain jars covered with uneven tight black netting. Add a light inside before the netting and hang the whole piece to finish this project. via deadwoodcemetery

Halloween Bats in a Glass Cloche

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (22)

Display your pet bats on Halloween night with this stunning piece. Add some paper bats to a string of fairy lights and then place everything inside a glass cloche. Decorate the base with themed foliage to complete the piece. via uncommondesignsonline

DIY Spider Lantern

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (23)

Making these lanterns is as easy as you may think. Paint glass jars and bottles white then add the spider designs in black and place lights inside to complete the project. via ladybehindthecurtain

DIY Hanging Firefly Glass Lanterns

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (24)

These are easy to make and inexpensive, but they will still look just right on Halloween or Christmas night. They are made with tea lights placed inside jars which are then covered with white cloth and hung up. via blahblahmagazine

DIY Spooky Moon Light Fixture

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (25)

This spooky moon with a little witch on a broom is easy to do. Recycle an old light fixture into the All Hallow’s Eve moon with this project. Paint or glue the witch silhouette on the light, then dirty up the inside to add texture and finally place a yellow or orange lamp in your moon to light it up. via sadieseasongoods

DIY Boneyard Lantern Made with Mini Plastic Skulls Found at Michael’s

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (26)

Here’s how you make this spooky graveyard lamp. Get some plastic skulls, cut their backs off and glue them around the entire surface of a vase before painting everything white. Place some tea lights inside so that they shine through the skulls, giving out the spookiest light. via ohmy-creative

Awesome Laser Halloween Decor

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (27)

(Video) Stick a broom through a pool noodle for this unexpected lighting hack. | Hometalk

This staircase is decorated with bats and other silhouetted pieces, accentuated with the clever use of laser lights, which add a beautiful starburst effect to the scene. via 365daysofhalloween

Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (28)

Turn your garage door into a scene of witchcraft with a giant fabric or cardstock cut out, illuminated from below by strings of lights to give it the mysterious atmosphere the scene calls for. via instructables

DIY Bat Lamp Using Paper Bats And Removable Gluedots

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (29)

Turn your vintage lamps into true Halloween decorations by adding some paper bats inside using removable glue. The silhouettes will be visible when the lamp is turned on, creating an elegant yet spooky piece. via gluedots

DIY Tomato Cage Ghosts

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (30)

Make these cute little ghosts by wrapping string lights around a tomato cage and then covering everything with an old pillowcase with drawn on cartoon features. via princesspinkygirl

DIY Halloween Pumpkin with Christmas Lights

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (31)

This pumpkin is different from usual, as it was painted white with some text and then wrapped around in rainbow Christmas lights to make it glow. via lovefromtheoven

Easy DIY Halloween Luminaries

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (32)

These luminaries are likely the easiest and one of the most inexpensive Halloween decorations you can make. Draw faces on paper bags and then place a tea light inside each of them. Install them wherever you like and you will have a good, benign last minute decoration. via crayonsandcollars

DIY Boo Letters

30+ DIY Spooky Halloween Lights 2022 (33)

Making a boo markee is quite easy, and doesn’t have to be expensive. Get the letters from the store or cut them from cardstock, then thread string lights through them. You can leave the letters themselves blank, paint them, add decorations or make some designs on the front to enhance their look. via heidiswapp


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