15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (2023)

If you enjoy survival games, first-person shooters, role-playing games, or any style of PC game really, you will enjoy themeven morewhen dinosaurs are added to the mix. Dinosaurs have and will always fascinate us, which is why they always find their way into various game genres. To help you find your way through a jungle of dino games, I will take you through the best 15 dinosaur games for the PC.

15. DinoSystem

DinoSystem Gameplay

DinoSystem is a top-down 2D simulator style game where you can either try to survive as a human in a dinosaur-laden island or become a God and try to manage the hyper-realistic ecology of the island.

DinoSystem emphasizes an environment that acts and adapts like a natural ecosystem., As a human surviving on the island, you have to do everything a human needs to do, and you suffer natural consequences nature throws at you whether it be crafting a simple wooden ax, eating the right kinds of foods, or just trying not to freeze to death. Not to mention getting killed by dinosaurs because that will happen—often.

The attention to detail in DinoSystem is extremely specific. As a human, your body even adapts to your lifestyle. Your character can get fatter from eating the wrong things, and your physical abilities even decay. Simply creating a fire can take many tries and failures in the beginning.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (3)

Strengthen your skills and build tools to go from the hunted to the hunter.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (4)

All aspects of survival are tracked and can lead to death if not well maintained.

14. Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay

Jurassic World Evolution gives you full control of creating and managing the infamous dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World. Just like the movies, Jurassic World Evolution focuses on playing with the DNA of dinosaurs to create all kinds of abilities and traits that make your park both deadlier and more attractive. You can also completely customize and create every aspect of the park itself, dealing with all the problems that come with running a theme park full of bioengineered dinosaurs from outbreaks to extreme weather conditions and company espionage.

The freedom of this simulation strategy game lets you take the park in any direction you like. Imagine bioengineering dinosaurs for battle royale events or expanding the park until you control a thriving dinosaur empire. The possibilities are vast.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (7)

Manage the stats of your dinosaurs to maximize their profitability, survival capability, and health.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (8)

Go in-depth in the lab to bioengineer each of your dinosaurs in any way you can imagine.

13. Reptiles: In Hunt

Reptiles: In Hunt Gameplay
Reptiles: In Hunt is a survival action game that brings the best of both playstyles into one game. In a world 200 years into the future after civilization has fallen and dinosaurs now rule the planet, you must survive against the reptilian predators as well as neohumans who have taken your son.
To get your son back, you need to survive in the wilderness, build stronger weapons, and collect information. The game also features futuristic drones to recon enemy and dinosaur positions for strategic planning.

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15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (11)

Track down dinosaurs for materials to make your equipment stronger.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (12)

Kill dinosaurs and neohumans to survive the dangerous new world and save your son.

12. TheHunter: Primal

The Hunter: Primal Gameplay

The Hunter: Primal leaves you stranded on the wild dinosaur inhabited planet of Primal Eden. Sent as a pioneer to subdue the five species of dinosaurs that dominate the planet and plant the seed of human civilization, you have to explore the massive world and learn to create stronger clothes, weapons, and shelters to survive the intense environment. Use technologies like trackers and guns from supply drops to get the jump on T-Rexes, Triceratops, Utahraptors, Velociraptors, and Quetzalcoatlus before they get the jump on you.
The game features a truly massive map with 24 square kilometers of dinosaur filled forests, lakes, and skies as well as realistic dinosaur hunting, roaming and fighting habits.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (15)

Use tracking technology and your own wits to stalk and hunt your prey.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (16)

Dinosaurs sneak up on you, so make sure you get a weapon to defend yourself as soon as possible.

11. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Gameplay
We can’t talk about dinosaur games without mentioning this classic. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a first-person shooter that continues off where the first Turok left off. In Turok 2, Joshua Fireseed, must face against different primitive dinosaur-like creatures from the lost land to protect five energy totems responsible for holding back the destructive forces of the Lightship.
This game features a variety of weapons from bows and arrows to flamethrowers used to combat increasingly stronger dinosaurs through six massive interconnected levels. All levels are connected to a hub by portals used to access each level.
Although Turok 2: Seeds of Evil was originally released in 1998, a remastered version was released onPC in 2015.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (19)

Dinosaur-like alien creatures attack in coordinated ways to get to the energy totems.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (20)

Each level showcases stronger and more diverse kinds of creatures to battle.

10. Island 359TM

Island 359 Gameplay
If massive killer lizards weren’t scary enough before, try them in virtual reality. Island 359 is a game for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch that revamps the classic survival style dinosaur trope.
You are dropped by helicopter onto a mysterious deserted island with the sole purpose of killing dinos. And what is the first thing you see upon entering the island? A massive T-Rex—naturally. As you explore the vast six square miles of the island, you come across notes and clues that slowly solve the mystery of where everyone on the island went and how they came to be replaced by dinosaurs. The virtual reality aspect of this game really takes the fear factor up a notch, especially at night when your flashlight only shows what's directly in front of you, but you can definitely hear everything moving around you.
As you survive and collect materials, you are able to upgrade your weapons and survival gear, making fighting and surviving a lot easier, but it does nothing to take away from how terrifying things can get in this game.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (23)

It becomes very easy to forget you’re playing a game while hiding from a T-Rex.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (24)

The beauty and majesty of the dinosaurs and the scenery get to shine in virtual reality.

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9. Primal Carnage: Extinction

Primal Carnage: Extinction Gameplay

Primal Carnage: Extinction is a first-person shooter online multiplayer game where players can choose from classes of dinosaurs and classes of humans to battle against one another. Playing as a human is in first-person while playing as a dinosaur is in third-person.

The game takes place on an island where dinosaurs have been brought back to life and a team of human mercenaries is sent in to eliminate them. This game takes a creative spin on dinosaur games by allowing players to assume the role of dinosaurs and fight back against the mercenary humans. With classic game modes like team deathmatch, specialized ones like capture the egg, and a variety of strengths and weaknesses to each class, Primal Carnage: Extinction brings new angles to human versus dinosaur combat.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (27)

Work together as a team to defeat both dinosaurs and humans.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (28)

Take to the skies and hone in on your enemies with the dinosaur flyer class.

8. Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors Gameplay

Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors is a simulation RPG game where you take on the role of a dinosaur from juvenile to full adulthood. The game is set in an open world environment full of other interactive dinosaurs.

This game is designed to take you through the full life of a Tyrannosaurus rex in the most true-to-life manner as possible, basing all the aspects of the game on actual scientific evidence. The stats that you set and develop for your dinosaur will directly affect how the environment and difficulty will change later in the game.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (31)

Make sure you hunt creatures that you are strong enough to kill and that are nutritious.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (32)

Customize your dinosaur’s stats so you can survive everything nature throws at you.

7. The Isle

The Isle Gameplay

The Isle gives you the wild experience of a massively multiplayer online open sandbox game, but with the option of being a human mercenary, an indigenous person, or a dinosaur. You have specific skills and abilities for each faction and can strengthen those skills by surviving and fighting.

When you play as a dinosaur, your dino physically changes as you develop their abilities. Dinosaurs are able to detect hidden things using their sense of smell. As a human mercenary, you have access to weapons and gear to survive the environment so long as you have ammo, and as an indigenous person, you are one with nature and have the know-how to use it to your advantage.

Cooperating with other players is the best way to survive and unlock the hidden secrets of what the isle is and how it came to be.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (35)

The dino prints in the bottom left corner help keep track of your hunger, stamina, and thirst.

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15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (36)

Band together. There is strength in numbers. Staying together makes you less of a target to stronger enemies.

6. Oakwood

Oakwood Gameplay

Oakwood is a first-person horror survival game that takes place in an abandoned summer camp. However, instead of a masked serial killer or hidden monster hunting you, it is T-Rexs and Raptors. Equipped with only a flashlight and your wits, it's your job to avoid and outsmart your reptilian pursuers to discover the truth behind what happened to your missing friends and what happened at this seemingly ordinary campground that led to it now being inhabited by prehistoric beasts.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (39)

Your flashlight is your best tool for finding clues and outwitting dinos.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (40)

Always search everywhere. Clues might pop up anywhere.

5. LEGO® Jurassic World

LEGO® Jurassic World Gameplay

In LEGO Jurassic World, you get to experience the adventures from Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as Jurassic World all through LEGO eyes. This game adds fun humor and creative puzzles to these classic stories without losing the excitement of the Jurassic Park series.

The game also features the option to customize your own dinosaurs and interact with them in a free roam game mode that you can unlock upon completing the game.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (43)

Take control of dinosaurs to complete different tasks and puzzles.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (44)

Play in Co-op with friends to access extra rewards and features.


pixARK Gameplay

If you love Minecraft, magic, and dinosaurs, this is the game for you. PixARK takes a new approach to classic sandbox survival games by adding dinosaurs and a pixelated Minecraft-style layout. This game is a simpler, more child-friendly version of the game ARK: Survival Evolved, which will show up later on the list.

Just like in ARK, you start off with nothing and have to collect your materials from your surroundings to craft and build everything necessary for survival. You can also tame wild dinosaurs and use them to fight, or collect materials, or even build a base. You can play alone or form a tribe with friends to conquer and battle other tribes.15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (47)

You can kill dinos for materials and food or tame them to use their specific abilities.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (48)

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As you explore, fight, and survive, you gain points that can be used to make your character stronger and learn new things to craft.

3. Warparty

Warparty Gameplay

Warparty is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the Stone Age. You control a tribe of cavemen and get to decide how they grow. You can choose to fight dinosaurs or take control of them for your units to use. Grow your civilization and conquer others.

Like many other real-time strategy games, your resources are limited and are forced to venture out of your territory and fight over more resources in the map to maintain your civilization. Play against a computer or play against other players. Another interesting aspect of this game is how you can use magical abilities, such as thunderbolts and meteor showers.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (51)

Train troops and position them strategically to win battles. Each kind of unit has different strengths and weaknesses.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (52)

Build your base up to support your army and defend against enemies looking to conquer you.

2. Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus Gameplay

Parkasaurus is a theme park simulation game. Your job is to build and manage a theme park of dinosaurs, much like Jurassic Park if the dinosaurs were a lot cuter and the movie about a successful theme park. Build specialized biomes for specific dinosaurs to keep them happy and earn as much money as possible from the exhibit.

This game takes park management to the extreme when you have to hire all of your staff from veterinarians to clean up personnel. All of your dinos are taken from the past through a time machine and grow, eat, sleep and live in the park. If they get sick, they could die, and you will lose money. If they break out and eat people, you will lose money. This game brings hours of fun and creativity all while showcasing a relaxed, colorful, and wacky design.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (55)

Build the perfect exhibit, plant the right foods, and keep your dinos healthy to make the most profit.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (56)

Every aspect of managing a theme park has to be fine-tuned to keep your park running and your guests satisfied.

1. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently the creme de la creme of survival dinosaur games. This game has multiple massive maps, each with its own features specific to that map. In ARK, you start off stranded on a shore with no information, not even a tutorial. All you know is you’re hungry, thirsty, it’s dark, and everything kills you. While this may seem discouraging at first, as you learn to gather and hunt to survive the multitudes of dinosaurs all over the map, you gain points that you can use to learn new crafting designs to upgrade your tools and make your avatar more equipped for the brutal environment.

Unlike similar survival sandbox games, in ARK, you can tame every dinosaur you come across. There are different tactics you can use from knocking them out with clubs to feeding them narcotics to sedate them. Taming dinosaurs gives you all sorts of advantages. Tame flyers to quickly navigate the map, or tame carnivores to protect and fight other dinosaurs or tame more specialized dinos to help you gather certain materials. You can also create a tribe with other players to build massive bases and raid other players’ bases for loot in PVP mode.

15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (59)

The scenery is absolutely beautiful in every map and only gets better the higher you fly.


15 Best Dinosaur Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (60)

Also, did I mention how many building possibilities there are? Whether it be for defense or just architectural beauty, it's possible in ARK.


What game lets you play as a dinosaur? ›

Path of Titans is a fun-looking indie game where you take on the role of one of several dinosaurs and try to survive in a pre-human world – and there's a beta coming this summer.

What is the highest score of Dinosaur Game? ›

The maximum score the game gives you is 99999 before it resets back to 0. This will change the speed of the dinosaur to 6000.

What is the no internet Dinosaur Game? ›

Dinosaur Game is an endless runner game originally built into Google Chrome. The game was added as an easter egg to Google Chrome in 2014 to entertain users when there is no internet available. The game - nicknamed Chrome Dino - featuring a t-rex is played by over 270 million players every month.

Is there an end to T rex game? ›

How to play the Dino game. The Chrome Dino game is very simple, difficult, and addictive. It's an endless running game, like a straight-line version of Temple Run with no levels. There's literally no end: get to the maximum possible score of 99,999 and the game simply resets itself.

What is the highest T Rex Game Score? ›

No doubt, the developers have set a maximum score of 999999 as obtaining a score even close to this number normally is almost impossible.

Is T Rex a reptile? ›


Will Ark 2 have play as Dino? ›

As you can see in the trailer, characters such as Michelle Yeoh's Meiyin Li have been transported from their different time periods to the Ark, showing that no matter who you are or where you come from, dinos will come for us all.

Will Ark 2 be on mobile? ›

The developers have officially shown that there are plans to develop ARK 2 on mobile platforms.

How do you cheat in Dino Run? ›

Enter these codes at the Password screen for the desired effect:
  1. don8tosaur - Hats Enabled.
  2. goodbyesun - Lights Out.
  3. astrosaur - Moon Gravity.
  4. leapinliz - Super Jump.
  5. smokey - Meteor Storm.
  6. totinos - Robot Hat.
  7. goof balls - Boulders become balloons.
  8. explore - Goodbye Doom.
13 Mar 2017

How long can a T rex live? ›

More videos on YouTube

These studies, done in conjunction with paleontologists at AMNH, document that that Tyrannosaurus, which attained a weight of more than 10,000 pounds as an adult, reached sexual maturity at about 20 years of age and lived for up to 28 years.

What is the max in snake? ›

Mastered the basics of Snake and need a high score to aim for? The largest score for the Snake game is set at 256 points.

How do you get Chrome Dino? ›

The simplest way to play the game online is by visiting this URL: chrome://dino/. Just access that link and voilà, there's your little dino and "no internet" message. Once you see that message, just hit the spacebar and start jumping over cacti.

How old is the no internet Dino? ›

Google Chrome Dino Run

Played the No Internet dinosaur game for the first time today. Happy Valentine's day! According to media reports, the game was launched in 2014 and is played 270 million times every month.

Can a T-Rex jump? ›

However, it's doubtful that large dinosaurs (like T-Rex) could jump (think of modern-day large animals; they generally don't jump). T-Rex walked on two legs, and may have been a relatively fast dinosaur. Its slim, pointed tail provided balance and quick turning while running.

How many years does it take to beat the dinosaur game? ›

How long does it take to beat the game? Edward: We built it to max out at approximately 17 million years, the same amount of time that the T-rex was alive on Earth… but we feel like your spacebar may not be the same afterwards.

What is the highest score in Google Chrome game? ›

The highest score ever to get is 999,999.

How did T. rex sleep? ›

There is no known answer for this question but based on the fact there's no two legged animals that do this today, it's pretty safe to say that T-Rex's didn't sleep standing up. It's more likely they either slept resting on their pubic foot (or pubis) or by fully laying down.

What is a female T. rex called? ›

The Tyrannosaur Doe is a female Tyrannosaurus rex that appears in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

What hunted the T. rex? ›

It was a killer 23-foot theropod that weighed at least a ton and ripped the flesh off its prey with nine-inch teeth that could rival any shark. Ulughbegasaurus out-hunted the predecessors of T. rex around 90 million years ago, before the so-called king of the dinosaurs ever existed.

Is Ark permanently 2x? ›

We have consistently received a lot of feedback from you, and it was very evident that players preferred the increased rates. Thusly, the rates will stay at 2x permanently from now onwards on our Official Servers.

Does Ark 2 have guns? ›

The game includes primitive weaponry as well as much more advanced armor and guns, providing players a long and compelling journey from the beaches, through its underground dungeons, and beyond.

Is Ark for free? ›

ARK: Survival Evolved can be obtained for free on Steam.

Will Ark 2 have first person? ›

No, ARK 2 will not have a first-person mode and will be presented only from a third-person perspective.

Is Ark world 2 open world? ›

ARK 2 will also be an open-world survival sandbox game where you can tame dinosaurs, collect resources, and craft items.

Can Ark mobile run on 2gb RAM? ›

Devices will require 2 GB of RAM on iOS and 3 GB of RAM on Android.

What is the best dinosaur hunter? ›

Which dinosaur was known to be the best hunter? The Allosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Spinosaurus, and the Gigantosaurus are the top four key hunters among dinosaur species. Each is equipped with helpful anatomical features that allow them to be great hunters of their prey.

What is the best dinosaur game in Roblox 2020? ›

You can form villages that you must defend from the enemies around you, hunt as you please, and build the best creature you can.
  • Dinosaur Arcade. Image via Roblox.
  • Dinosaur Hunter. Image via Roblox.
  • Dinosaur Tycoon! ...
  • Dinosaur World Mobile. ...
  • Dinosaur Zoo. ...
  • Escape Dinosaur Parkour. ...
  • Escape School Dinosaur Obby. ...
  • Prior Extinction.
21 Jul 2022

How do you win the dinosaur game? ›

As the dinosaur runs across the desert landscape, keep pressing the Spacebar or the up arrow key on your keyboard to jump over the cacti. When you hit one, it's game over. The game gets steadily faster and places larger and more frequent cacti in your way.

What is the best free dinosaur game? ›

What are the most popular Dinosaur Games?
  • Dragon Simulator.
  • Dino Digger.
  • T Rex Dino.
  • Dinosaur Bone Digging.
  • DinoZ.
  • Mexico Rex.
  • Jurassic Dino Transport Truck.
  • Little Dino Adventure.

Which is the No 1 dinosaur in the world? ›

The undisputed king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex is immensely popular thanks to a fawning press, countless starring roles in movies such as "Jurassic Park" and TV shows, and a really cool name (Greek for "tyrant lizard king"). Impressive fossils and models of T.

Who is the best Robloxplayer? ›

Roblox is the username for the creator of Roblox. His name is David Baszucki. He is the richest Roblox player in the world today. He is currently ranked at number one with an R-value of $186,906,027.

What is the strongest dinosaur in era of terror Roblox? ›

In Game. In game, allosaurus is a strong and relatively large dinosaur. It's thought to be the strongest of all the medium sized dinosaurs within the game, it's only worrying threat in the medium sized era being Ceratosaurus, and, possibly, a pack of Majungasaurus.

What is the strongest dinosaur in dinosaur Simulator 2021? ›

Strongest. Health: Shastasaurus, with 4880 health as an elder. Damage: Carcharocles Megalodon, with 202 damage as an elder.

How do I change Chrome Dino to Sonic? ›

How to turn Google Chrome's dinosaur into other characters?
  1. Press the space key to start the game.
  2. Then, press F12 and a panel will appear on the right side.
  3. Select the tab Elements and click on the grey arrow next to offline-resources.
  4. Next, two options will be displayed.
14 Jan 2022

How do you make a dinosaur immortal? ›

Press the Space bar key on your keyboard and the T Rex comes to life and starts moving left to right on a side-scrolling landscape. The player has to ensure that the Chrome Dino does not crash into any obstacles by jumping or ducking with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

How long does it take to beat the T Rex game? ›

It was so popular in education systems and the workplace that the creators gave corporate managers the option to disable the game. Edward Jung has said that it would take "17 million years" to complete the game.

Can you find dinosaur DNA? ›

Oct 26, 2021. A team has extracted what could be DNA molecules from a 125-million-year-old fossil dinosaur, according to a study published last month (September 24) in Communications Biology. But other experts have voiced caution or outright skepticism about the findings.

Is dinosaur Island a good game? ›

One of the best is Dinosaur Island - republished as Dinosaur World - which tasks players with building and managing their very own version of Jurassic World. It's a great game if you can stand the sauropod-like weight of rules and play time.

Is there a VR dinosaur game? ›

Dino Encounters is a fun educational VR experience for the Oculus Go & Quest that allows users to interact with real dinosaurs. Explore a vivid world full of life including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and the mighty triceratops.


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