10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (2023)

Halloween is near, and if you are thinking about adding Halloween products to your inventory, you are going in the right direction. Using a laser machine, you can make hundreds of items, especially for Halloween, and sell them online and in stores.

Halloween is the right time to get an excellent return on your laser investments. People buy items for the special day with great joy and zeal. Therefore, you can skyrocket your sales through unique and spooky ideas.

In this article, we will share ten amazing and profitable Halloween ideas that you can make with a laser cutting and engraving machine. You can start making these items instantly and fill your inventory so that you can sell them at the right time.

We will guide you on where you can sell Halloween items to grow your business. If you do not have a laser engraving and cutting machine yet, we will also recommend an excellent machine that is ideal for small businesses.

In this article

  1. Why is Halloween a perfect time to sell your engraving ideas
  2. 10 Profitable Halloween Laser Engraved Products to Sell in 2022
  3. Where to Sell Your Laser Engraving Ideas
  4. Starting Your Laser Engraving Business with xTool D1 Pro
  5. Conclusion

1. Why is Halloween a Perfect Time to Sell Laser Engraving/Cutting Crafts?

Halloween is a perfect time to sell laser engraving and cutting crafts because of many reasons.

Firstly, people decorate their houses, shops, and other places with different spooky items to make them as scary as possible. Both the outside and inside of houses and places are filled with scary items, such as lanterns, candles, and wall hangings.

With that being said, people need a lot of things. They find spooky and scary items in online stores and try their best to decorate as well as possible. A laser machine can make excellent decorative items for this special day.

Secondly, people wear special costumes on Halloween, and it is the most important tradition for the day. Along with the costumes, they also wear creepy jewelry, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces. Moreover, men also carry several scary wooden items, including an ax, hammer, and sword. All these things can be made through a laser cutting and engraving machine.

Thirdly, people also like to decorate food. For instance, they use cake and cupcake toppers. One of the most commonly bought items is the Halloween rolling pin for making which is also made using a laser engraving machine.

Last but not least are the gift items. With the help of a laser engraving machine, you can make various customized and spooky gift items, such as Halloween boxes. There are lots of possibilities and ideas that can be implemented using a laser machine.

Halloween comes every year, and people try to do something unique. They try to find unique decorative items, jewelry, and other products that are less common or they have never seen before. These items can be made using a laser engraving and cutting machine, as you can make whatever you want.

The machine allows you to think out of the box and bring something new to the market. With that being said, you can brainstorm new ideas and do something new. People love to try new things on Halloween, so if your products are good enough, you will definitely get a lot of orders.

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2. 10 Profitable Halloween Laser Engraved Products to Sell in 2022

  • Halloween wooden signs
  • Spooky Halloween jewelry
  • Banners for Halloween parties
  • Halloween embossing rolling pin
  • Homemade candles/candle holders
  • Halloween cupcake toppers
  • Halloween lightbox
  • Halloween wreath
  • Spooky charms
  • Halloween miniatures

We are going to share some of the most profitable and commonly sold items for Halloween. These items are always in demand, and people usually buy them for the day. If you target these items, you can make a handsome profit.

2.1 Halloween Wooden Sign

Wooden signs or wall hangings are essential for Halloween decorations. People decorate the walls of their houses, shops, or any other places with these. It is a must-buy every Halloween; therefore, it is one of the most profitable items to make. Depending on the size of the sign, you can earn excellent profit.

With a laser machine, you can make wooden signs of multiple layers and then stick all layers together. Finally, you need to paint it to make it spookier and more appealing.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (1)

image credit: 3axis.co

2.2 Spooky Halloween Jewelry

Jewelry is the first love of girls and women, even on Halloween day. Spooky jewelry, such as earrings in the shape of a pumpkin, horrifying bat, skull, witch hat, spider, crow, etc., can be worn. Similarly, rings and necklaces can also be made using wood. If your machine can engrave metal, you can engrave anything spooky on a metallic ring.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (2)

image credit: wildnorthdesign.com

It is very simple and easy to make jewelry using a laser machine. You can make a batch of the same design; it increases productivity. There are tons of ideas for making spooky jewelry for the special day; the sky’s the limit.

2.3 Banners for Halloween Parties

Banners are also used to decorate homes and the party venue. These are usually made of cardstock paper or similar materials.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (3)

These are one of the easiest items to make using a laser. Plus, they are hot-selling items. You can make hundreds of these in different designs and patterns.

2.4 Halloween Embossing Rolling Pin

You cannot forget the Halloween rolling pin because it is used to make special cookies. All you need is a simple rolling pin and then engrave different spooky characters on it. People usually buy a rolling pin for making cookies, but it can also be a gift item and decorative piece.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (4)

(Video) Top 10 LASER engraving business ideas! 😮💵💰

image credit: OmaMata - Etsy

For this, you need a rotary attachment that will move the rolling pin while engraving. But this is an excellent product that can give you a hefty profit margin. Plus, it is very easy to make if you have a rotary attachment.

2.5 Homemade Candles/Candle Holders

Without candles, Halloween would be incomplete. People light candles in their homes to make the environment spookier. Candles can be made more appealing using candle holders. When you put the candle inside a holder, the shadow of the spooky design looks more attractive.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (5)

image credit: LaserBay - Etsy

You can make a wide range of candle holders for Halloween using a laser machine. It is a simple project, and people love to have these on their candles. The holders can be made from wood, acrylic, or cardstock.

2.6 Halloween Cupcake Toppers/Décor

People present cakes on Halloween, and they also decorate them with toppers. Cake toppers are made of acrylic, paper, or wood. Using a laser machine, making cupcake toppers becomes easier.

There are hundreds of designs for cake toppers on Halloween. You can make different types of toppers and pack them in a packet of twelve for this special day. It is a hot selling item.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (6)

image credit: cardsnmorestudio - designbundles

2.7 Halloween Light Box

A lightbox is another great idea for Halloween. It looks exceptionally appealing and is one of the attractive décor ideas.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (7)

image credit: Starling SVG – Etsy

Making a Halloween lightbox is not that difficult. All you need to do is make four engraved and cut wooden pieces and then join them together to make a rectangle. You can also offer a lamp along with the box; it will be a complete set. People would love to buy this amazing item, and you will be able to make a handsome profit.

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2.8 Halloween Wreath

A Halloween wreath can be made through several layers of wood. It can be used as a decorative item for homes. You can also use it as a wall hanging.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (8)

image credit: LaserCutano - designbundles

There are dozens of files available for the wreath. You can get some cool designs and engrave and cut them using your laser machine.

2.9 Spooky Charms

People also wear pendants and bracelets on Halloween. Spooky charms are perfect for making Halloween wearable items. These can be paired up with dresses.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (9)

Wooden charms can be made from wood. Then, they can be painted for a better look. You can make such charms and attach them to bracelets and chains. It will be an excellent product to sell for Halloween.

2.10 Halloween Miniatures

Halloween miniatures are great for decoration. You can put them on tables, walls, trees, shelves, or wherever you like.

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (10)

image credit: VectorPainter - designbundles

There can be tons of miniature ideas, such as pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, skeletons, cats, tombstones, eyeballs, and bats. You can be as creative as you like and make unique and spooky items with your laser.

Miniatures will not cost you much, but you can earn a good profit from them. These cut items are the bang for the buck.

3. Where to Sell Your Laser Engraving Ideas?

There are multiple platforms on which you can sell your laser engraving ideas.

You can contact a nearby store and ask them to keep your products there. In this way, both will be able to make profits quickly. All you need to do is have a contract with a few nearest retailers and stores. Once your products are displayed on the shelves, the sales will start in no time.

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Secondly, if you have a social media page (Facebook or Instagram) for the business, you can promote the products through it. If you do not have a page, you can create one now. The quickest way is to start paid promotions and run several campaigns with the help of social media experts. This is another way to start generating sales in less time. If you have a YouTube channel, you can promote your products there and link them back to your website or social media.

You can also sell your products on different marketplaces, such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. These are excellent for getting your products to the market without investing too much time and money.

Your own website is another place to sell products, but to generate a handsome profit, you need visitors. If your website is old and has considerable traffic, you are good to go. But if not, then it is a bit difficult, and it requires a lot of time to set up the website and do SEO.

4. Starting Your Laser Engraving Business with xTool D1 Pro

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (11)

xTool D1 Pro is a perfect laser machine to start a laser engraving business. It is an ideal machine for this purpose because it is beginner-friendly, extra powerful, speedy, affordable, and, most importantly, upgradeable. You can upgrade it in the future with new accessories and attachments. It means it will never be out of date, and you can make a handsome profit for a long time.

It is a diode laser engraving and cutting machine. It has got three modules. For powerful and quick cutting, you can get the 20W module. It can cut up to 10mm basswood in one pass. It can also engrave a wide range of materials, especially metals, and give them a vivid color after engraving.

The 10W module is suitable for both cutting and engraving. It has a finer laser spot that is better for engraving fine details. It can cut up to 6mm basswood in one pass and has a fine laser spot measuring 0.08 x 0.06mm.

The last module is 5W, which is specially made for fine engraving. It can take fine and tiny details into consideration and gives excellent results. The spot measures only 0.06 x 0.06, which is incredible.

The machine works at an incredible speed and allows you to boost your productivity. It offers incredible motion precision of 0.01mm. It gives you identical results every time with its accurate positioning and repeat positioning.

The robust construction of the machine makes it ideal for small businesses. It has a sturdy metal frame that is durable and makes the machine stable. Plus, the all-steel shafts and wheels give the machine three times longer life and support over 100,000 times of sliding.

The best part is that you can get the rotary attachment that can work and is suitable for all types of cylinders and spheres. The extension kit is also available to double the engraving area and accommodate larger objects. Plus, it has a separate air assist that can ensure cleaner cuts and faster speed.

The machine is perfect for beginners as it has its own beginner-friendly software. The user just needs to connect the machine with the software and is ready to go. It has the friendliest focus system that makes the machine even easier to use.

The safety features of the D1 Pro are exceptional. The machine stops in the case of tip-over. Plus, it can detect flames to prevent any accidents. Simply put, D1 Pro is an incredible laser machine for a small business, and you can make almost anything for Halloween as well. So, get the machine and make some stunning items that viewers would love to buy.

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5. Conclusion

With a laser engraving and cutting machine, the sky’s the limit because you make almost anything you like. You can take advantage of Halloween and make some related items that people would like to purchase. We have shared some of the amazing ideas for your ease. You can make these items and then sell them through the methods we have discussed. If you are looking for a laser engraving and cutting machine for your small business, then xTool D1 Pro could be the right choice. It is powerful, packed with tons of features, and affordable. Halloween is an opportunity, and you can make a considerable profit by selling some spooky items.

For more questions, please join our Facebook group to get inspired!

10 Halloween Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales (12)


What can I make to sell with a laser engraver? ›

Here are some of the best laser engraving products you can sell.
These are the hot-selling and in-demand products.
  • Tumblers. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Engraved Photo. ...
  • Wine Glasses. ...
  • Cutlery. ...
  • Coasters. ...
  • Charcuterie Board. ...
  • Dog Name Tag.
Oct 27, 2022

Is a laser engraving business profitable? ›

Laser engraving businesses can be very lucrative, provided you're willing to work hard and go through the due process. Just like any business, the laser engraving industry isn't giving money away.

How much should you charge for laser engraving? ›

Single run Pricing starts at $25.00 for basic laser etching for small items. Reverse deep engraving for molds $100 and up depending on time and complexity. Making and engraving signs starts at $200.00 and up depends on the materials and engraving time. Art work designing $50.00 per hour.

How do you start a successful engraving business? ›

8 Steps to Start a Laser Engraving Business
  1. Step 1: Select a Machine. ...
  2. Step 2: Learn How to Use a Laser Engraver/Cutter. ...
  3. Step 3: Find the Profitable Niche. ...
  4. Step 4: Buy Materials & Design Files. ...
  5. Step 5: Go to the Market. ...
  6. Step 6: Pricing. ...
  7. Step 7: Grow Your Business. ...
  8. Step 8: Improve Your Productivity.
Oct 24, 2022

What should you not laser engrave? ›

Which materials are not suitable for laser cutting and engraving?
  • Leather and artificial leather that contains chromium (VI)
  • Carbon fibers (Carbon)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Polyvinyl butyrale (PVB)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylenes (PTFE /Teflon)
  • Beryllium oxide.

What is the best material for laser engraving? ›

Safe Materials

The materials that the laser can cut materials like wood, paper, cork, and some kinds of plastics. Etching can be done on almost anything, wood, cardboard, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, marble, stone, tile, and glass.

How do you price laser cut items? ›

The Formula For Laser Cut Project Retail Price
  1. Materials X Profit Markup + Labor + Overhead + Shipping Supplies = Retail Price.
  2. What are your material costs? ...
  3. Consider your labor costs. ...
  4. Some crafters will use a $12 to $20 hourly rate to calculate, but figure out what works for you.
Sep 7, 2022

What is the average price for engraving? ›

The cost for laser engraving varies depending on the size and complexity of the job but generally ranges from $10 - $30 per piece, with $15.00 - $20.00 being common for a typical prestige acrylic piece.

How much do people charge to engrave? ›

How much does laser engraving cost? For most engraving companies (like Dayspring Pens), personalization is free. The cost is included in the price of the items. Other companies will probably only charge a small fee for engraving (usually between $3-$10).

How can I make my engraving stand out? ›

Antiquing: This paint-like process is very simple yet effective if you want to just touch up your engraving and make it a bit darker in order for it to stand out. The jeweler simply rubs the antiquing formula over the engraving, and lets it fill in the carving.

Is laser cutting a good business? ›

Laser cutters have a high growth potential because they're versatile enough to work within a variety of industries. They can also work with different materials to fit a wide range of customer requests. A laser cutter makes it easier to personalize or brand items without pricing the majority of people out of the market.

What should you not do before laser? ›

Any treatment areas should be shaved completely prior to treatment. Legs should be shaved around 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid irritation. Do not wax, tweeze, epilate or use chemical depilatories for two weeks before treatment, or at all in between laser treatments.

How long do laser engravers last? ›

It will take longer to engrave a particular job than it did when the laser tube was new. As your laser ages past the five year mark, and especially at about seven or eight years, it's not uncommon to experience a breakdown due to a major component failure.

What are the do's and don'ts before laser? ›

Below are the dos and don'ts before a laser procedure.
  • Clean Your Skin Before the Treatment. ...
  • Stop Waxing or Plucking. ...
  • Shave the Treatment Area. ...
  • Avoid Sun Exposure. ...
  • Use Medications with Caution. ...
  • Use Skin Products Carefully. ...
  • Avoid Alcohol. ...
  • Refrain from Drinking Coffee.
Mar 29, 2022

What is the most popular font for engraving? ›

Best fonts for engraving
  • Times New Roman: A standard serif font for print, inscriptions in this font are easy to read. ...
  • Arial: A sans serif block letter option, Arial is softer than Times New Roman, but is still legible on smaller surfaces if you would like a more casual block option.

What material can stop a laser? ›

Visible laser light can be blocked by anything that also blocks conventional light, such as a solid curtain, a wall, or even a sheet of paper.

Can Cricut do laser engraving? ›

I have been asked this question countless times, and the answer is finally YES! With the Cricut Engraving Tool, engraving is now possible with your Cricut Maker machine!

What is the average cost of a laser cutter? ›

Budget. The price for an ideal cutter and engraver may be anywhere from $100 to $10,000 (or more for industrial models). The general rule is that the more expensive the unit is, the higher its laser power and therefore the better it can cut through materials. However, you should always consider your needs.

Is laser cutting cost effective? ›

Costs: In terms of laser vs. waterjet cost, laser cutting is a more economical option as it can cut parts faster. Waterjet cutting is comparatively expensive, requiring many components to run properly, including a high-pressure pump, abrasive materials and cutting heads.

Is laser cutting cheaper than 3D printing? ›

Laser cutting, especially with metals, is far cheaper than 3D printing metals. Laser cutting is significantly quicker than 3D printing. Despite the two employing very different technologies, this article will compare 3D printing vs.

Is laser engraving hard to learn? ›

It might seem like a complex, in-depth, hyper-involved process, but it's actually very simple. I'll discuss the basics of laser engraving and show you why they make every gift so much more special.

Is laser better than engraving? ›

Laser etching creates black and white marks and is the most efficient process to permanently mark most types of materials. Etching is faster than engraving because it requires less energy from the laser beam.

What is a good engraving? ›

Engraving Ideas
  • Today I have loved you for xxx days.
  • I've been looking for you since I heard my first fairytale.
  • I have found the one whom my soul loves.
  • The world is better when shared with you.
  • When we have each other, we have everything.
  • Life with you is beautiful.
  • This is our happily ever after.
  • My strength.

Why is engraving more expensive than etching? ›

The primary difference between the two, however, is the price. Cost differences between chemical etching and engraving depend on a few primary factors: Material: Hard materials are more difficult to engrave, increasing the cost. We typically recommend etching for these projects.

Does Lowe's do engraving? ›

One of the most wonderful ways to personalize your new purchase is with a custom engraving. Our engraving specialists can add your heartfelt message in a number of different fonts and styles.

Why is hand engraving more expensive than etching? ›

Performed by a talented and experienced artisan and a small steel graver, hand engraving is a unique artform that requires decades of training to master. Due to the high level of skill this is a more expensive form of engraving and requires additional time.

What can I make with Glowforge and sell? ›

Some popular uses for the Glowforge are making wood signs (to cut or engrave), large scale wooden names, personalized wood products (like cutting boards, ornaments, etc.), acrylic jewellery, small dollhouse jewellery, engraved leather products (like wallets, passports, etc.).

What can a laser engraver engrave? ›

Laser modules can easily engrave metal, wood, fiber, leather, plastic, and glass. There are a variety of materials that can be engraved. It is also done on precious stones and jewelry.

What kind of art does an engraver make? ›

Engraving is an intaglio printmaking process in which lines are cut into a metal plate in order to hold the ink. In engraving, the plate can be made of copper or zinc. The metal plate is first polished to remove all scratches and imperfections from the surface so that only the intentional lines will be printed.

Is laser printer better for small business? ›

If you're a small business owner, you know that you need to have a laser printer in your office. These printers are fast, reliable and able to print documents that are of high quality. They also don't take up too much space, which is something that all small business owners appreciate.

Do laser printers run out of ink? ›

Laser printers use toner which will not dry out the same way an ink cartridge does. Unlike ink, which is liquid-based, toner is a dry powder composed of plastic components so it will not dry out. You can leave a toner cartridge in your printer for weeks untouched and it should still print.

Is Glowforge better than Cricut? ›

Final Thoughts. It seems like Glowforge is more versatile and better for designing wood projects. The Cricut Maker can also cut through wood, but it's not as easy to use for this purpose. If you're looking to make intricate designs with a professional finish, Glowforge Plus will be your best bet.

Can I make money with Glowforge? ›

The short answer is YES, you can sell the products you make with your Glowforge! In this post we'll talk about licensing, tips for cutting costs, adding value to your products, where to sell your items, and at the end I'll share some ideas to inspire you to get crafting with your Glowforge for profit!

Can Glowforge make cookie cutters? ›

They multiply fast! It's one file that takes an hour to process (edit:mainly because of double pass engraving at 340 LPI), but when it's done, just glue together and you have a durable, bespoke cookie cutter.

Is there money in laser engraving? ›

With a laser engraving machine, many products can be personalized with designs, logos, and lettering. This creates unique pieces that increase the value of the product many times over the original product. Therefore, these items generate a very handsome profit.

What are 5 applications for a laser cutter? ›

Key Capabilities and Functions of Laser Cutter Systems
  • Perforating.
  • Cutting.
  • Seaming.
  • Etching.
  • Engraving.
  • Welding.
  • Marking.
  • Drilling.


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